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free money to help pay bills

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Schmidty   in reply to Rockomarti
Try the Salvation Army, the United Way, or the Catholic Charities for help.I would write each that you mentioned and tell them that they could have told you up front that it was members only, but I know for a fact that the Kiwanis club gives help without being a member.Good Luck and God Bless
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Schmidty   in reply to tishamonèt
Thank you and keep some for yourself.
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Schmidty   in reply to Wishing On A Star
You are welcome
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I am a Single mother of Twins I don't have a job right now I need Help
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Rockomarti   in reply to Schmidty
Kiwanis club cannot help me Adele of Maui Hawaii told me after a week of questions and advising me to do the opposite of what I want to happen finally told me the she could not help this terminal cancer patient who's child is alone cause her daddy died that we can't get help with one round trip ticket because my child is not a part of their key club! They don't even have that at my Childs school by the way which she not in due to summer break now! Anyway I thought the Kiwanis club was going to be my biggest hope I guess not but thanks anyway for the week of me thinking I was going to get help till Adele finally decided to tell me " club members only" she should've told me that from the start if that's really the truth. And so should the other two reps from California and so should the other rep from the international Kiwanis club! My child is still crying and my heart is still getting beated
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tishamonèt   in reply to Schmidty
Thank you very much and may god continue to bless you.
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Wishing On A Star   in reply to Schmidty
Thank You!
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Schmidty   in reply to tishamonèt
You shoould be able to find the help you need here. Good Luck and God Bless
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tishamonèt   in reply to dankirk
Not everyone is like that . There are people who really need help.
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tishamonèt   in reply to Schmidty
I am feeling real down I have been crying for 2 weeks I am really struggling with my bills and rent and I maybe homeless at the end of this month i dont know what to do I dont want to do anything thats going to land me In jail or die I really need help.
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I need help and I don't know how or where. I am sorry if I am offending anyone. I have been job searching for monthes and nothing yet but soon I hope. I still need help.
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KATTERRA   in reply to getfreedental
i would not ask if i did not need help with my teeth, besides being super ugly they hurt i cannot eat well every day it is harder but more than this every time i get an infection in my mouth gums teeth,etc i run the risk of that infection attaching itself to scar tissue i have on my heart,valve i have rhuematic heart disease, m-trial valve and A- fib , i also suffer from CHFand COPD . i have lupus , i almost didn't write because there are few people who are willing to help anymore, but if you have any information ,i would be so grateful. i live in the Cincinnatti northern kentucky area . thank you
Im disabled 51 and my husband just up and left me alone been married 31 years im disabled because of the abuse he gave me he got his appartment and left me to be left no where to live how can i get money to move i dont know what to do
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13. http://www.treeofwishes.c...

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huntpd50   in reply to getfreedental
Hi! I am new to aidpage. Found it while searching for help with dental needs. I am recieving SSD, which barely pays the bills. I am desperately in need of dentures and I can not find anyone that accepts Share of Cost Medicaid. The organizations that do help low income individuals with dental help do not help with dentures. Just looking for ideas. I am running out of places to ask.
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Schmidty   in reply to getfreedental
I'm doing about as well as can be expected. Hope you are doing well.It has been a little while.That's all we can do is do our best.You take care and God bless you
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Oops I meant to just post not reply. sorry for this
Talk to   in reply to getfreedental
Hi. I am a single Mom with one 12yr old son. I have raised him by myself his entire life. He never met his father (aka sperm donor) I call him that because he is a pedophile. Yes I was the minor. Yes he was ordered to pay child support but of corse chooses to work cash jobs and not pay even though it is a violation of his parole he and his p.o. are friends so he gets to do whatever he wants. I was working from 6pm to 6am 5 to 6 nights every week at my last job just trying to establish a life for my son and me. I started this job a few months after turning 18. A month before my 21st birthday was hospitalized with collapsed lung and diagnosed with lupus. I tried to continue working for 7 months but my body just wouldnt let me. Anyway I have found many many places that help people who are recovering drug addicts and people who are not single and have kids. I have searched but there are no programs to help single parents or people who where born with a genetic disease. I did not choose to party and destroy my body, nor would I have ever chose to be a single parent. But it is what it is. SSD is a great blessing to have, it just isn't enough. I am not looking for or asking for any hand outs (but would never turn one down). I simply would appreciate a way to earn some money to help give my son a better life. I hate having to send him to school in stained worn out clothes, and half the time he only has slippers cause he outgrows his shoes and clothes too fast. I wish I could go back to work because the money was great and the potential for a good normal life was in reach. But I can do something where I am not obligated to set hours here and there when my body allows. I dont know what to do or where to turn. This site popped up in google search and I decided to try it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I know this is long but i summed it up as brief as I could and only said a couple issues. I do know how hard it is to trust, especially online. I have been hurt by everyone I ever known. I am teaching myself to trust no one. There are too many fake idiots out there and they really do ruin it for those of us who are genuine and actually have needs. I have nothing and people still take then run. I dont know what else to do. I have always just let us go without but this is too much going without. I'm sorry but at this point I have to ask.
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getfreedental   in reply to Schmidty
Hi Schmidty! Long time, no chat:) Hope all is well! I agree with you. I have helped countless people over the years. Some with financial help and others with advise/suggestions. I have helped people restructure their debt by consolidating loans and others with dental needs. Unfortunately, a few can spoil the batch. I do my best to weed through the emails and try to help whenever possible. Take care and God Bless!
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