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free money to help pay bills

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 in response to NikkiK...   Nikki...Hello come in. Sorry if you took offense? Who wouldnt? Let me ask you if you know how a women concieves? Women make children they cannot afford and live off the ex's paycheck. What is wrong with this picture? Man and women must have sexual intercourse to then have a child. Any man or women worth there salt will see to it that the children are raised no matter what. Please tell me you are not one of those men that sit in the bar complaining about paying for child support.
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 in response to NikkiK...   Hi NikkiK,

I have to agree with you. We are responsible for our actions.
I don't understand either: why so many women will have kids out- of-wedlock, when know that they have NO job, NO skill, NO education & NO way to take care of their kids.
I just don't understand that mentality.
Maybe, someone can explain it to me.
While you're at it, please explain to me "why some people get mad when other people don't help them with their kids. They get upset, scream & say terrible things to other people.
I mean, did other people help them "make that child"?
Why do they want another woman to spend her hard monies on them. Especially, when that woman had to work hard to get a skill & work hard, long hours. That woman would have like to stay home with her kids too. But, she had to work. So, why would anyone think that she would desire to give her monies so some other woman can stay home with her kids.

I'm not being rude, I just don't understand this mind set.

Note: I'm not talking about those who were married & found themselves divorced or widowed. I'm not referring to those who planned well or those who became a victim of circumstances, disabled,etc.

Please explain.............

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I am the only bread winner in the family Iam 25 years of age. I look after my parents and the welfare of my family. My wage cannot not afford to meet all my bills and i need to pay them if not they will take me to jail for unpaid bills I have only one week to come woth something. please help
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 in response to Pattacane...   You must be much more intellegent than I .... AZ? Really?
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I am sorry if you took offense to that, I was being very serious. I think that it is great advice. This is what a large amount of women do, make children that they cannot even afford to raise, live off of welfare, live of off ex husbands paycheck, and do nothing to take action for their own responsibilities. There are many ways to get your self some independence, but first you need to wake up and realize what got yourself to the place you are in now. Make a change. Take a stand.
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 in response to NikkiK...   GOT to school? Maybe you should get that stick out your az and get back to school yourself
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 in response to NikkiK...   That was not very nice. Please dont make rude comments ,it hurts the moral of people
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 in response to lucke...   Then get a job, got to school, pay off your debts and quit making babies for a paycheck.
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I have been on my feet since I was 16 years old and recently lost my job at Christmas. Im about to lose my vehicle because I cannot make payments on it, and also have credit card debt from a previous marriage. I wished I knew what to do! It is so hard and I would give my last dollar to someone else that needed it more than me but when im in need of something there isnt anyone there for me..
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I'm a happy go lucky girl who would like 3k to pay off the debt my ex accrued....... what a plonker i am!
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Please help____sophiasdad
I dont know what I am going to do..I am suffering from ptsd Adhd anxiety depression and a list of nerve damge thats way to long i have no income no job no car no home to call ours we live in with the inlaws and as a family of 3 in one small room...I cant find work and cant get to work if I did find work..I have hada valid license for 28 years with no accidents nor tickets always had insurance but because I couldnt pay the p[rieum it lapse for 1 day and wont you kow it that I was hit from behind and then pushed into the car in front of me with damage to it..and to top it off the car behind me flead the scene it all happen so fast that I really didnt know what happen..but saw it was a grayish colored honda and thats I am being sued I owe the irs 4k the unemployment office says I owe the 6k and my license is suspended...
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Just help me financially
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I am the mother of 2 and I lost my job last year, after 16 yrs and now I am facing foreclosure on my house and now my credit is messed up, and I can't get qualified for nothing. I have used up all my saving on bills and keeping food on the table for myself and my children. It is sooo hard trying to make end meet. I am still looking for work, but haven't had any luck at all, I am really in trouble, Please I need help!!!!!

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I am in a little bit of financial trouble. I do not have good enough credit to get a loan because of how much I had to take out for student loans. I just recently got behind on my car payment because my mom is sick and I had to take care of her, I am in need of $650.00 to take care of what I could not while I was not working. I am working now so I am willing to fully pay it back including interest if someone could PLEASE help me. Thank you.
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I need money to help me with my teeth.
I am a single mom of 3. My son has been really sick for about a year and has finally recieved a diagnoses. He has been in and out of hospitals the last 3 months. This has cost me my job. I was doing ok, until I missed a payment on my electric bill cause he was up in the hospital. I was on a payment plan. I now have to pay it in full by April 30 or my electricity will be shut off. I need to find some kind of program or something to help me. I don't know what to do or where to turn. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it more than you'll know.
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Hi, I have no children or anything. I'm just another person in need of help. I worked at the same place for 4 years, and it got shut down by the IRS in February. I'm 19 years old, and moved out of my grandma's almost 2 years ago. No use telling me to move back in with her; she's in the same position I am in. She owned the restaurant I worked at that shut down. This is so embarrasing, and probably won't be of any help..but I'll give it a shot, eh? I live with my boyfriend, and our two dogs. They mean the absolute world to me, and I don't know what I would do without any of them. My boy and I have been fighting constantly about me not working. I recieve Unemployment, but it's just not enough to cover my part of things. I've applied at over 35 places over the past few months, and haven't gotten so much as a interview;phone call or anything. And I'm saying I've applied EVERYWHERE- Wal-Mart; McDonalds;Target;Meijer;Kroger..places like that as well. I live in a town of about 2100 people, and there isn't anything here besides Mcdonalds, 2 gas stations & 3 bars (i'm not old enough for those 5 places) I just don't know what to do, I've been trying and I explain that to him all the time. I currently do not have a drivers license, and am eligible to get it back. Getting my license back would help so much with being able to get back out there and go! If I were to get hired anywhere I would always be wondering if I'd have a ride or not. The closest town with places to work is about 20 miles away. So my situation is a drivers license. I need to get an evaluation, and then pay to get it back. If any one would be willing to help me out, or just let me know somewhere that could help me; Please let me know! I've paid for my things since I was 16 years old, and this is quite the change, and I can't stand it. So please, just think about it.
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I need money for medical and too live. My body is in bad shape from all the work i have done. It is my Neck,Shoulders,Forearms,Hands,Back,Hips,Knees,Left Leg, And I have high blood Pressure. The right side of my chest is Hurting. I Hope the Grace of God i can get help.
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1 mommie of 4
Single Mom of 4 kids want to go back to school but I need $3000.00 to get started...lost my job and I need a miracle and money...
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inspector honey
I did the clean up at ground zero and then my job kicked me to the curb.My house is in forclosure and i give up.I would like a miracle,can anyone send a miracle?
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