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free money to help pay bills

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 in response to septembersfire...   Hi septembersfire,
I just started my search for you and found that one of our aidmates here has loads of info on your topic from N. Mexico on her pages. I copied them for you along with her info. So you can check her pages out and give some of the places a call this morning! Hope it helps!


Posted by friendshelpingfriends
on Feb 21, 2011
Subsidized Apartments
HUD helps apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants. To apply, contact or visit the management office of each apartment building that interests you.

Search for a subsidized apartment

Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)
To apply for either type of help, visit your local Public Housing Agency (PHA).

PHAs in New Mexico
Questions? Email us
or call (800) 955-2232
Some PHAs have long waiting lists, so you may want to apply at more than one PHA. Your PHA can also give you a list of locations at which your voucher can be used.

Need advice?
Contact a housing counseling agency

Other New Mexico Resources
Local tenant rights, laws and protections
Help with your utility bills
Find units for rent in rural New Mexico
Independent living centers - for seniors and people with disabilities
Housing services directory
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 in response to septembersfire...   Have you signed up for any aide assistance from your county? What about the kids absent parent? It sounds like you are in the same situation that most of us here are in. I went through what your going through several years ago. I had to sit down with my family members and have a 'reality' talk with them. It was hard. Our life style was changed. I called it , down sizing. I moved out of our 4 bed. 2 bath BIG house to a cheaper town. I called it a cabin! It was a 40 yr. old 2bed. (barely) 1bath. The ceilings were low...the floors uneven....but, it cut my rent in half! My utilities were cut by MORE than half!
My two girls were 15 and 5! I sat them down and told them we might have days without lights, heat & no video. But, I would be there for them. That if our Great Grandparents could strive without certain things, we could certainly stick together and make this an adventure. It is a period in my girls life that they fondly share & reminisce about. They both are 15 yrs. older now. They have told me many times how that was one of the most meaningful memories to their childhood! My oldest has a son of her own and she plans these events as FUN times for him. She says it is really a special time for them with no TV, Phone and it test their resourcefulness. She ask Wil if he can think of ways to solve their dilemma's and he comes up with some really good ideas. The reason I shared this with you is because I remember feeling like I was failing my children during rough times. I just wanted to let you know that kids really feel better when they grow up with limits that they can handle. When we are Stressed, we often reflect in to our children.
It sounds like you need to think of more long term sources of aide. Free your life up where you can. Enjoy the short years left with your son and daughter before they are out of the house. Mean while, let me know if you have signed up already for aide. If not, why? I will be checking in N. Mexico trying to see what resources are available for you!
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 in response to Sandav1...   I have a 17yr old, and a 15 yr old... My older one has been looking for an after school job, and been doing odd jobs also... I live in Albuquerque NM... I have called all the programs I could find... I got a list from housing... I am just behind for this month... but the land lord will not work with me any further... she gave me until today... I have tried to get a loan, but with no job I can't get one...
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 in response to septembersfire...   Welcome to aidpage, septembersfire. I'm so sorry to hear your having relationship problems on top of everything else. First of all hon, what state do you live in? County too would be helpful. How long have you been behind on the rent? How many children do you have and what are their ages? Things are really tight for all of us right now. In order for us to point you in the right direction, we need to know a little more about your situation. There are still programs available, but you need money today! I don't usually recommend the loan companies that loan you money against your next income. They are easy to get, but high interest. You have to be disciplined to use only when have to and pay it back on time. I have used it twice in my life. I was thankful that it was available to make ends meet.
So, send us some more info to go by and in the meantime you can browse the pages here on the different topics and you may find some info that will help. Keep your thoughts positive! You will be in my prayers. Until we hear more,
Sandav1 ~ ~ May God bless you ~ ~
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I am posting this out of desperation... I need $550 today so that I do not get evicted. I Have been searching for work to no avail, I have been doing any and all odd jobs I can find. I have sold everything I have of value to feed my kids... I paid all the bills at the beginning of the month, and the deal was my roommate would pay the rent. Instead he moved out and left me holding the bag... I have called everyone I know to borrow money, and have come up with part of it but I am still short... If any one can help PLEASE contact ASAP @ Thank you.
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 in response to tootie8766...   I realize that times are tough but cell phones should be the least of your worries. If your phone has a back balance and you need it for job searches then you get a trac phone. Pay as you go.
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 in response to kinch...   Please go to an ER. They will observe you and give you something to take for your depression. I'm depressed too, but it's not worth going to hell...
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I give up.. 46 k in school loans, truck about to be repoe'd, bills piled up, cant pay tuition for my daughter, unemployed for a year now. I'm a USMC and ARNG V eteran and cannot find assistance, I quit, There had better be no bills and unemployment in the afterlife cause here i come
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Hi, I've been out of work for 3 + year and believe me I've been actively searching for work. My unemployment ran out in october and I'm to the point where I'm out of options.Family cant help,what little family there is. My truck has 220,000 miles on it and its on its last leg,but now I cant even afford gas to look for a job or to go on interviews. On top of that,my daughter just turned 19 so public aid said no more insurance and my wife has asthma.This country sends our tax dollars to help other countries while were forced to the street. Anybody have any sincere ideas that might help before I'm homeless. Now there ready to shut off my electric & phone for lack of payment, so then hows a person supposed to get a job.I'm at my wits end and cant even sleep through the night because of all the stress. Someone with a heart please help. My gaurdian angel must be out there somewhere.
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i have a back ballance on my cell phone bill i can afford to pay the bill now that i have a job but since i have a back balance i cant afford to pay the back... i need help
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 in response to alegro bay...   


I am so sorry you have colon cancer and it has spread to the liver. My friend had the same thing happen to him. He had not much saved and friends helped out but had Kaiser Insurance and he did a lot of trying other things if money permitted. He kept it a secret from some friends and I don't know how he managed but someone took him to wellness groups and support groups as he put it no matter how he felt.

You may find some answers and help here.

Try and or to maybe help you until you get disability in this link

Right now that is all I can think of. There are some transporation for cancer patients.

You might try this for transportation as I don't know how far it is you go for treatment.

I hope this helps you.



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alegro bay
Due to FMAL worked the days I was able,I have Colon Cancer Stage 4,It has spread to the Liver,I have been doing Chemo,I had a tumer removed,and 12'inches of my colon,the chemo is working and because of this I havn't been able to work,only Mon-Wed. Thursday I do chemo and Fri not able to work.Well unfortintuly my hours are gone and Ionly have Two days left i can miss I have to have another sugery to remove spot on liver,I owe on a Ford Edge that I can't pay cause I have to keep Cobra Inc..I didn't know life was going to hit me this hard,I am 50 always worked now I need Disiblity for a couple of years and need it in 3 month I need help.
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I am a 34 year old single mom. My baby is 22 months old. Her 60 yr old dad passed in FEb. He died before we wre able to get perternity testing, so she gets no social security like he was on and I only get 300 dollars a month to raise her and my rent is 375$ alone. I am living in a small area that has barely any jobs. I owe six hundred dollers to go back to scholl. Can I go back to school and still make payments on what I owe at the same time? I wanna move out of this town, but I have no money and I feel trapped. My mom passed when I was a girl, and my dad and stepmom do not spesk to me. My daughters other set of grandparents have passed on so it is just me and her. I need a solution. Im filing for social security because I have alot of mental diagnoses, like bipolar, bpsd, ptsd, depression, and agoraphobia. I dont really think that I am agoraphobic cause I go out alot, I just feel more comfortable at home where noone can upset me or ruin my day. I know iots not reality that I can keep living this way because my bills and rent need to be paid. I am a good mom and I am happy, but I'm scared as hell, how am I gonna raise her. I need to get something going so I can financially be a good mother as well. I dont have a car or a phone so that makes things even harder. My stomach hurts from my worry. I hope someone out there can pray for us to make ends meet. I need a way out. I need a solution to all the confusion. I want to give me and my lil girl a good happy life, and I know me and her belong together and I wont give up. I dont know. I hope God helps things get better soon:)
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please help me i am a single mother of four kids with no job and noone to help me!!! i can bearly keep food on the table!! i am a full time student trying to better myself for my kids i just cant make ends meet!!!! i am really in need of some help! if there is anyone out there with a heart to help please do so.... you will totally be blessed!!!! thank you in advance;) email me
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I'm not the smartest woman in the world and I've messed up pretty bad....thought by making lump payments I didn't have to make monthly payments now I have 6 days to come up with 6000 dollars or I lose my home and maybe I deserve it but my kids don't. They've already lost there dad to cancer they don't deserve to lose the only home they've ever known. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. I have decent income coming in just really bad credit and would be willing to make payments to pay this back. If you can help me please let me
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I am a single mom raising 2 boys ages 9&7. I was going to school full time and was working fulltime, but I was laid off from work last April and I have not been able to find employment. I had to put school on hold becuase my 7 year old has health problems and having to go back and forth to the doctors. Now I am stuck with $18000 in student loan dept. My unemployment is fixing to run out in a few weeks. Any information would be great on how to erase the student loans. My emails is
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48hr notice person
I am a disabled person who needs help with her pgne by the march 25 i paid the bill but because of a payment mishap with the bank my payment was cancelled, but since i thought it went through now i owe for 2 payments and can only come up with some of the money. I have 3 boys if anyone can help me i would be very appeciative of it. I only get 670 month and its not even the end of the month. i would even agree to say it was a loan and i could agree to make payments of $10 or maybe even 20 until i get you payed it back. Want to something my birthday is the 23rd of march and this is what i want for my birthday.If i get the help it only be the this once. promise!the 48hr person
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Helllo, my father just recently lost his leg, he's had diabetes and renal (kidney) failure for awhile now. We've been having a rough time getting by and I don't know what to do, we currently owe around 1200 in bills. I need help and advice before i lose everything he has. I had to drop out of college and get a job, its only me and my dad what am i supposed to do. any help send to PO box 282 luxor PA 15662
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Hi I'm 29 and have just become a single mum. I'm just training to return back to work and hope to be back in two months with a company I worked for before I had my son. I have had a few hurdles to jump over the years and due to my health have had to retrain in a slightly different area in my field. I had planned to return back part time but this has all happened and my ex has jumped on a plane overseas and left me with a baby and rent to pay leaving me also with no money. I have know one I can ask for help sadly as my father died when I was young and mother is in no situation to help.

I would not normally ask but I have a son just about to turn one and really don't know what to do. I have 800 in rent to pay and no food for my son can anyone please help.
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Hello! I am 29 years. I live in Greece,, are not currently employees anywhere, because of the economic crises in the country, stopped by my work, and not out to pay my bills. The banks send me out of court,, they tell me to deliver my house, I do not want to sleep on the streets, please if anyone out there can help me,account deposit bank in Greece (Piraeus Bank 5352-023959-781) impan (GR 77 0172 3520 0053 5202 3959 781)
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