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free money to help pay bills

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My Dear friends in christ,so many of you do need honest genuine help,I wish that god would give me the means to help each and everyone of you with your needs especially financially.I will pray that god will look down on a small spec like me and allow me to fall into the resorces to help you all out of your delimmas.especially brothers and sisters try to stay positive god does most of his work through people for people.Until we meet again may god bless.

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I really need a list 4,000 thousand dollar to pay my rent and bills and to help my grandmother who is in a wheelchair and she is blind and i take care off her please help me i really need some money the job that i have i only work 10hours a week and is not enough to pay everything please help me god will pay you back!

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 in response to Bri@AU...   

I am in Ohio and attending a private university.  You need to go to your financial aid office, immediately, and ask to meet with a financial aid advisor.  Though grants are usually based on financial need, your financial aid office has some ability to make "adjustments" to the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) when there has been an unforeseen, extreme change in financial situation that is not temporary.  My school reviewed my file once the child support I was receiving for my teenage daughter stopped upon her high school graduation, reducing my household income by almost $10K/year.  Though it was part of my household income for the previous year, they were able to make an adjustment as I had proof that was no longer an income to our home.  They were able to double my Pell Grant as a result.  Tell them what you've posted here, and see what they might be able to offer - might even include work study, grants, hardship grants, institutional grants, etc...


Good luck!

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 in response to Bri@AU...   

apply at

it asks a question like, do you want to enter information for your parents/family?

say you do NOT wish to.  you should get a grant as long as you yourself dont make too much money

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Talk to sheselectriccc

I am a rising sophomore college student.  I recently lost $6,000 in academic scholarships.  I have given everything my absolute best and have just barely missed the bar for these scholarships.  I attend a private christian college, and tuition is very expensive.  My mom lost her job last year and was relocated out of state.  My dad also transfered jobs, my dad also is in the process of getting a divorce.  My step-dad has many medical problems.  The state looks at our income and says that we can afford for me to go to school, however, I know that we are not able to afford it and that we are just barely getting by. 


Any advice? 

Can you help me???


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widow needs elp
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 in response to kburroughs3...   For replacement of the windshields contact www.freecharitycars they sometimes help with those problems. Don't ever put your address on the internet. It is dangerous as starshine said. Contact the ministerial association in your community and the indigent program they can tell you where there is help.
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 in response to Red lion...   Go to the Job Service - Chamber of Labor they have a person who deals with non-payment of checks. They will assist you with that in an appropriate manner. It usually takes one phone call. Good Luck and God Bless
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 in response to aidens mommy...   I don't know when you posted this but immediately contact health and welfare. See what you can qualify for. Sign up for section 8 housing as there is a waiting list but tell them you are homeless. That helps move you up on the list. Whatever you do don't let this kind of abuse continue. Contact the Women's Domestic Violence contacts in your area as there is a variety of types of health. You don't need the shelter if you are with your mother, but they can provide you with other support. Depend on yourself and you will be better off. Get food stamps if you haven't. Make sure you are going to doctors appointments. Have you signed up for WIC make sure you do. Contact your local churches. Good Luck and God Bless
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aidens mommy

 can someone please boyfriend kicked me and our son out today because i found out he was using going to school and am pregnant, i really was not expecting this at all..i have absolutely nothing to my name..if you can write words of encouragement, money order, even prayer right now would mean the most. I'm staying at my mothers for the time being. 113 center ave butler pa 16001..even if you can send programs of people around here that would lend a helping hand..Im in desperate right now

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I would go get a Lawyer

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Red lion
. Can someone help, i have two kids and barely getting by.And my job is doing me dirty right now.I'm very lucky to have a job but when you have so much bills and you about to get layed off it's hard.I dont know how i'm going to pay my rent the reason why, i got hurt on my job i was on ''workers comp'' for little while.They did'nt pay me my last check, i'm trying to go about it in a good manner or else i'm going to the higher power.My girl and my kids is depending on me,i feel too much pressure not to fail, please help.
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 in response to kburroughs3...   

Hi for your safety, Please remove your address you are putting your self in danger. Get a paypal or let someone reach you thru here. You can check my blog for information.


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I am a single mother of an autistic child.  I work part time at walmart.  My son is disabled.  Just recently some high school kids busted out my front and back windshield.  I need help paying to replace them.  I also need help with my bills.  If you can help, please send money order to 637 elm st seguin tx, 78155.  I would really appreciate the help.



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With husband on dialysis, and daughter a Type 1 diabetic, I am looking for help just to replace old torn/worn couch and old torn worn recliner.  Need $2500.   If able to donate - send to L. German PO Box 11514 Loudonville, New York 12211

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i need help with some money to get my teeth pulled and get some dentures


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Hello, I am a married mother of three children, two of my children have very severe allergies to foods and they can not even touch, taste or smell them without severe and life threatening outcomes. Because of this i am unable to work and my husband works away from home all week, but we still can not afford to live month to month, we do not qualify for any county help because they say we make to much, but they won't take into consideration the high costs of the special foods our two children need or the medication they have to have that our insurance will not cover.  I am sick to my stomach everyday trying to figure out what to do, we are behind on all our bills and getting deeper everyday.  We do not have enough money for rent this month or all of our utilites.  I have to feed and medicate my children first, but I am scared we are going to loose our housing which is really hard to come by here.  We live in the middle of the oil boom in North Dakota and because of the boom everything has went up in price.  I pray to God everyday and am trying to keep the faith that all will work out, but I wish that i could get some help..I feel like a failure when i look at my kids and know that we might be out of a place to live soon, and that I can't give them the smallest things to make them smile.. I truly hope that something will happen for each and everyone of you on here, and that all will be okay.  I pray for you all .. I hope that someone out there will read this and bless us .. God Bless

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