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free money to help pay bills

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 in response to sassymomof2...   

if it was only that easy.... why dont you try and put ur feet in others shoes and think about THEIR life befre you just decide to saying something stupid like "get a job"!!

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mamaof 2

Here is my story, I am a mother of two wonderful children, ages 4 and 2. We currently in major need of financal help. Our home is going to go in to forcloser on march 4th. This is what has led up to our problem, my husband had a change in his job about a year and a half ago, our son had to have plastic surgery due to having his finger cut off by a door while we where on our first family vacation, along with my husband had two bad car accidents that took him out of work for awhile about 3months. With all the extra expence and bills we are now looking at 2,600.00 in order to save or home. The morgage company is willing to lower or paymants but that is going too take 30-90 days to get the paper work through. We have had our home for 5 years and have never had a problem until the job change, finger accident, and car wreaks. Seems like the i can win for losing. Please  if there is anyway you could help my family out I would be so greatful. If you can not financal please pray for us to find a way that we could save our home!

 My church called and told me that they are willing to give us 500.00 now I am down to the need of 2100.00. keep praying for us!

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keep going.
 in response to sherecia...   

Funny that I pray every day and Tryed all the options for assitance to help me.  I am a singel parent (32) of two kids (12,13) I work full time day and night 70 hrs a week mon to sun (7 dats) and have one night at home with my kids.  I still can not make ends meet with rent, normal house bills , school bills ,car bills ,food , medication, clothing ,etc.... I don't drink or go out can not afford and have no time.  I have worked every day of my life to support my kids but I still can not get any luck.  There father dose not pay any money and avoids to by changing jobs all the time and moving towns. I applied to all the banks have a good rating and get the same answer I am a singel mum and do not own any property....... As for charity well according to them I don't need them.  I work so no help there.  So i just keep going ,I got cancer at 26 and fighting it but still work. Which is another reason no one will help me but life must go on my family think about them self and one of my kids is hypo and has reading problems so I have to pay a tutor for that as well.  So I have a job I have good credit rating But im a singel mum and no  land owened by me so no assistance for me. and live in the country, So to all them people that think they have it hard Think again. I don't get to see my kids very often and work my ass for them and keep a roof over our heads. But hey I'm still alive and have my babies with me. That I am blessed with.

Talk to keep going.

Get a job.

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 in response to daddylove25...   

I know life is really hard for you right know, But when your down and out have faith and pray.

Also there are agency like the department of social service that can help!

My best wishies to you and family.

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 in response to cwgirlmt...   

How about working part time at home after you're done with work? I'm a tupperware consultant and the business is going AWESOME! I'm making tons of extra money and not even doing parties! I can send you more information if you'd be interested. Email me at thanks!

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 in response to jamessthep...   

Hey James!

Try fundraising! I've got a great fundraising program that really works! Anything could help you guys! 

chrystal schultz 

262 470 7648

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 in response to daddylove25...   

Your girlfriend may want to try doing Tupperware! We're always looking for people to join the team and I would LOVE to have someone in Florida working! Tell her to contact me at and I'd be happy to help out! I don't do any in home parties just run around handing out catalogs! Its very easy and I made $1678 just last month only with tupperware and about 10 hours a week. Something she can do while watching your child at home or bringing her with!


Chrystal Schultz


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i have worked all my life in consturction now i am disable i can only stand on my legs for 2 to 3 hours and they swell up so bad i cant walk i am going to soc. sec. wed. but they said it could be 5 or more months before i could draw if anyone can tell me what to do i would be greatful if anyone needs a live in handyman i can do any type of work i am also a cert. welder if i can work for a couple of hours sit down for one then work so more i can work all day if i could just get a break off my knees for a little bit now and then thanks for any help and god bless caderider1986  334-329-4655 i live in east alabama but willing to go anywhere

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 in response to Kerrybucker...   

Hi my name is Kelli I read your comment and tried to go to the site you recommended but it said my server couldn't find it I really need some help finding charities or assistance programs to help me pay a deposit so I have a place to live (I am homeless)and this in turn will make it so my 4 children can be returned to me from CPS my email address is Thank You

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hi me and my 21 year old girl friend are just holding on by love we have a 6 month old daugter and i was resently unemployed its been about 3 weeks now and its so depressing not haveing our own place so all three pf us stay in a little makeshift bedroom that has poor insulation pur car is a 92 model camry that has been smashed in front leaks oil i am looking for  jobs but not even mcdonalds will hire in this part of florida we need serious help i am crying out to any one at this point we are not able to take afficiant care of little jordan and we are just wanting a good home.   6359 33rd ave north st.pete florida 33710.    god bless any one who hears my cry for help.

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 in response to agent007...   

You need 1 million dollars but you don't say what you need it for.  I'm sure that a lot of people would like to have a million dollars but you have to understand that you have to provide a valid reason why you "need" this money.  This is how grant programs work!

I'm not saying that you will not get a million dollars - you never know - right? - but what I am saying is that you should understand a little bit more about how grant programs work.

That's not to say that this kind of thing hasn't been done before!  A college student needed money for college and what he did was come up with a website where people could purchase blocks of ad space and do you know that he was actually able to raise the million dollars!

A woman facing foreclosure put up a website and was able to get enough in donations to save her house from foreclosure.

So as you can see it's not impossible.

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In need of help to pay are water bill  and get the car I'm disablity and will fill you in on the whole story just emailme at

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 in response to sumon...   


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Hi all

Please I need money about ( 1000'000) one million usd in any way any how I need it very imprtant

pls I need your help

my Email:

I'm from Saudi Arabia


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Hi my name is James Sandoval and i am 15. I am involved in film and video at my school
Cathedral High School. I've been involved with video since i was in 6th grade.
I've really progressed in my learning and I'm pretty sure its what i
want to do when I grow up. My video production teacher at my school is going to
Florida next month and has selected 8 students out of around 30 and
i've been selected as one to go. The trip is for a film convention in
Orlando and will be 5 days of learning and exploring the world of
film. You can find out more about it at
It is going to cost $1,100 for the 2-way ticket, food, hotel, and
registration. I don't have all of the money and my family is really suffering with all the job cuts my dad can bearly aford rent and all the bills we have. I have
been fundraising and looking for sponsors to help me out. If your are
willing to make a donation I would really appreciate anything you can
give. If not, its perfectly Well thanks for reading and God bless.


Contact me by email at 

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I just need about 10,000 to pay of some bill and fix up my house!!!!!!!!!!
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hamrick2 husband has had MM for 4 1/2 yrs now and has had 3 BMT..first 2 was from himself and the 3rd one was from his identical twin has been kinda of rough on us..he has been off work since sept. 2008..does anyone know how we could get a little bit of help?
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hi, look how reading this message ,please contact me in my email becauce i need for help , in people have big heart ,

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