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free money to help pay bills

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James R. A.

hell-o my name is james my wife has tohave all of her teeth put we are looking at around $15,000.00 if any one ho can help us place she is in a lot of pain and she can not eat to well i have her on baby food and other stoft foods and she crys herself to sleep at night I'm about to go out of my mine. It is some bad some time I like to rubbing a story but i cann't do it some time I cry with her andit just kill me to see her that way.i pray each that some one can help her. I have COPD and I can't work I'm on oxygen 24/7 if I could I would but I can't I hope some one will come.............




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I need someone to help me because i have a baby on the way and my boyfriend is on his way back to jail so i need money to pay my mom rent because im still in high school and i cant work.

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 in response to Maegan18...   

hey maegen my name is omar, a few questions first. were exacly up north are you?

do you have any family that can help you out? how excactly did you end up in the streets?

i would love to help, but will need more info on you.

write me up and let me know. stay away from addictions, they've been known to ruin alot of peoples lives. don't be weak, only the stong survive. it takes a strong mind to get ahead and become something great. one thing i won't do is give you religios crap advise like some idiots in here, you can't wait for god to change your life, he only created us, is our job to make something of ourselves with what he gave us.

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Jenny kay

I need help real bad. I had to quit my job because my child is autistic and couldn't nobody takecare of him. I am living off of 200dollars a week from unemployment. I don't get any foodstamps. I can hardly pay my bills. if there is anyone out there that can help me please let me know.

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 in response to disabled women with kids...   

I see everyone is having trouble I wish the Lord will bless you and your family.

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I am sorry to hear of your mis forutune. i am having a hard time been looking for a job just no help still.

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disabled women with kids

I am a disabled women with two kids girl 15, boy 12 I need help finding a place to live or stay. My children have been abused by my sons dad and I have been in relationship with this man for 13 years also abusive. I want to save my kids and me but am not having much luck can anyone out there help us? He is already in jail pre-trial starts in november 2008

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I am an 18 year old female. I have been on and off the streets for 5 months. It seems to me that every time I get close to being able to get where I need to be something happens to put me back on the streets. I live way up north and its expected to snow soon. I have no where to go after this friday. I'm working to try and find a shelter but I was just looking last week and they were all full. All the ones except for the ones for pregnant women or women with children or those who have addictions.. I'm about to just go get an addiction to get in. I dont know what to do. Just some advice would be much appreciated!



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I am a Christian Missionary pastor .Faith fellowship Church . there are  100 pastors,50 widows ,100 orphans boys  and girls . I am feeding all the  people. since 25 years .aI have some free supporters   they are sending  some offerings . and i have a Granaite and Morble sells bussiness   with this money I am feeding  above  workers for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ . But  since 3 years  the supporters  are unable to help me  more . and  get lose a lot in my buissiness .Now  iam suffering  alot for the money and also I got  so maney debts . so please help me  and lead me up from this depth pit. God will hep you  he will give you good health and wealth. give me the lone  I will pay back you every month. praise the  lord . yours  faithfully. Rev.Dr.zupudi devasahayam. FFI Church FOunder .    ffi church compound  Sathupalli 507303 Khammam Dt AP S.INDIA.

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I'm a 47 year old disabled father of three who has lost his ability to be on a payment plan due to illness (stroke, heart stent, aerotic anyerisim,diabetes, diverticulitis, ulcers, etc... I contacted the PUC and ECO they can not or will not help... I even tol them I can pay 400 a month even though my monthly is 236... tough luck for me and my three children and the good woman (my wife of almost 13 years)...she can't work because she takes care of us... can someone help. I mean I used ti fix Corbin McNeil's computer on a regular basis when I was head of desk side support at PECO's Nuclear headquearters... If I could only get hin to talk to someone I'm sure they'd listen...Can ANYONY HELP...??? I just want to pay them what they are owed without having my heat get turned off...

615 Washington Street

Royersford, PA. 19468


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I like an early poster gave food out that I was going to use later that week but decided that this person needed it more then me. The clothes werent even worn and i was planning on selling them on ebay or craigslist. But I shouldnt have to give an explation of this because you all don't know. And to an ealier poster the food bank i voleenteered for did NOT give out outdated or moldy foods. Just because the food bank you went to did that doesnt mean every food bank does that. In all actuallity the food bank I voleenteered for was for people with low income and they were grateful. Just because I took myself out of a bad situation having to work 2 jobs to support myself and my kids you all look down on that. Simple minded people make me laugh. Shows how much people are more worried about money then anything else.

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 in response to nkcmom...   

i have been doing a few surveys but i haven't recieved any money for them yet. i'm always gain for new things. i will try this site and see what happens.



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 in response to KorKor...   

if there is a lions club in your community you could check with them, they help with medical expenses that insurance won't cover.

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 I nead your Help No food no money to PLAY  Bils Help Me now E mail I went to sell My Birds

 I have
 I will not ship. I live in Ocoee Fla.
 Bring your own Cage.
  I love my Birds. I want them to go to good homes.   
call for information:
407-656-4622.      thats the way I can do it my self. Please e mail me

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 in response to Carrie9...   

wow Thank you Carrie9 I'm not the only one who thinks looking for charity is Not the way to go!!! Kudos to you girl! look at theat you work and got a second job to make ends meet and it didn't kill you either! lol some people think the world owes them. I believe you work for what you have and give back as much as you can and Karma will catch up with you in the end (good or bad is your choice) I'm aiming for good. ppl on here whine they can't pay their bills but do nothing to get a job. My kids may wear hand me downs and I may not make goumet meals but we have what we need and my mother (who is disabled) doesn't have to try to get a demeening job. I will do whatever it takes to allow her and my children to be healthy and happy

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join the club sister I am also a single mother of 2 and I take care of my own mother and I have a job that doesn't come close to paying the rent and utilities and am now looking at finding a second full time job... the only sure fire way to get help is to help yourself and get a JOB or 2. there is no such thing as free money

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 in response to vesty...   

might be GREEDY...but if we want to get this awful economy fixed, we need to vote the repulicans out of office. We need to do as FDR did, invest in EDUCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE and pay one person in the family enough money that one other can stay at home with the kids full time...Man or Woman...someone has to raise our children, motivate them, exercise them and get our nation moving. There is no, go to work, get off...go home...sit on the couch...we MUST: put a hammer through our TVs, work all day, do for others all afternoon and night, go to sleep exhausted, get up and do it again. There is no, "getting on" with our lives. There is hard work...and with that comes reward...heart full of love, peace with one's self and place in the world, happy and smart kids...and money. 

okay, I'l step off my soap box now...LOL

Have a nice day,


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i AM BROKE , MY HUSBAND DIVORCED ME FOR MY BEST FRIEND,I DINT KNOW WHAT TO DO I AM WORKING FOR $8.00 an hour.. I have a son who is handycapped , He gets $649.00 a mo. we r in deep trouble. if we cant pay our bill we will be out in the streets.  oh And we have a dog , who is running out of food. help us please..

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i need help with my bills am a single mother with 5 kids

somebody please help me.........

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I married and have 3 girl. the ages are 10, 7, and 2 months. My husband applied for disablity and was denied. Now it is hard to find a job to support are children. please help

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