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free money to help pay bills

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 in response to Carrie9...   

wow Thank you Carrie9 I'm not the only one who thinks looking for charity is Not the way to go!!! Kudos to you girl! look at theat you work and got a second job to make ends meet and it didn't kill you either! lol some people think the world owes them. I believe you work for what you have and give back as much as you can and Karma will catch up with you in the end (good or bad is your choice) I'm aiming for good. ppl on here whine they can't pay their bills but do nothing to get a job. My kids may wear hand me downs and I may not make goumet meals but we have what we need and my mother (who is disabled) doesn't have to try to get a demeening job. I will do whatever it takes to allow her and my children to be healthy and happy

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join the club sister I am also a single mother of 2 and I take care of my own mother and I have a job that doesn't come close to paying the rent and utilities and am now looking at finding a second full time job... the only sure fire way to get help is to help yourself and get a JOB or 2. there is no such thing as free money

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 in response to vesty...   

might be GREEDY...but if we want to get this awful economy fixed, we need to vote the repulicans out of office. We need to do as FDR did, invest in EDUCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE and pay one person in the family enough money that one other can stay at home with the kids full time...Man or Woman...someone has to raise our children, motivate them, exercise them and get our nation moving. There is no, go to work, get off...go home...sit on the couch...we MUST: put a hammer through our TVs, work all day, do for others all afternoon and night, go to sleep exhausted, get up and do it again. There is no, "getting on" with our lives. There is hard work...and with that comes reward...heart full of love, peace with one's self and place in the world, happy and smart kids...and money. 

okay, I'l step off my soap box now...LOL

Have a nice day,


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i AM BROKE , MY HUSBAND DIVORCED ME FOR MY BEST FRIEND,I DINT KNOW WHAT TO DO I AM WORKING FOR $8.00 an hour.. I have a son who is handycapped , He gets $649.00 a mo. we r in deep trouble. if we cant pay our bill we will be out in the streets.  oh And we have a dog , who is running out of food. help us please..

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i need help with my bills am a single mother with 5 kids

somebody please help me.........

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I married and have 3 girl. the ages are 10, 7, and 2 months. My husband applied for disablity and was denied. Now it is hard to find a job to support are children. please help

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I am a single mother of two son who need money to paid my bills. I am unemployed and need to paid my rent next month please help me.


Sharon Polk


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hi all iam really have a big troubles iam 23 years old from lebanon iam employee and alone with my parents no body help us iam do all things to make for my parents the midecals extc this the salary where the rent of our home and the food i dont want money i want to live and my parents live plz help

Talk to fati

im a single mom of 3 and getting ready for my grandson to be born in 3 weeks,im struggling so bad,my heat is shut off,i owe alot on my electric and im so far behind with my rent,i really fell on hard times these last 2 months,i really need some help to get me out of this hole i'm in

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 in response to Carrie9...   

The bed is a few thousand dollars.. Don't know the exact amount, I just know it is in the thousands.. Her medicaid won't pay for it because they have paid for a ton of other medical equiptment for her.  Her dr. put the request through three times and then her Pulmonologist tried to get it because she is more likely to keep breathing at night if her head is elevated.  If you look the beds up on the internet they don't give a price??? I requested a quote from 2 different companies but they just said over $2,500 depending on the child's individual needs.. I am working on getting a script from the dr. so that I can get a more exact quote.

Talk to KorKor

can you help me i have alot of unexpected bill right now in my face and i dont have nothing on me pay them all

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 in response to IX...   

that is probaly what they would wish for. but it seems kind of greety to me. i would wish this awful economy would be over so we all could get on with our lives and every one that lost their jobs would get a better one so they would be able to feed their families and pay their bills on time again. it's a fantastic thing to wish for MONEY!!



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 in response to Carrie9...   

It's an interesting comment. But not well researched. Where I live (Tucson Arizona) the real estate prices have been jacked so high that (according to the Arizona Republic Newspaper), 67% of Tucsonans, who do not already own a home, cannot afford one. Furthermore 73% of Tucsonans who own a home, could not afford to buy the home they currently own, if they were to try buying it now. We also have the highest disparity between wages and cost of living. This is sometimes overshadowed by a skewed statistic with NYC, but doesn't take into account that most of us have 2 or 3 jobs and cannot afford to live here either.

As for your places to go bit: have you ever gone to the food bank. I go twice a month. The food is ALL expired, dented cans (which are not for sale at the grocery because they can contain deadly bacterias), syrup coated fruits, moldy white breads, maggoty pastas, and bug filled beans. 

Cutting bills down: your example of the internet shows your ignorance.  Do you know that most employers require you to apply for jobs online. And yes, I realize there is free internet at the Library. However, for those of us working 2 or 3 jobs, getting to the library at 2 am, isn't an option. The internet is a must for most people, for communication, work, and benefits. In general, it is less expensive to use the internet than it is to drive around town spending hundreds of dollars on gas. 

And as for thanks: If you are giving for the purpose of getting something out of it, even a simple thanks, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. I have 5 kids, I work 2 jobs, my wife works, I coach soccer, teach, and help 3 of my elderly neighbors maintain their houses/yards and vehicles. I expect no thanks, I do it, because if I can, I must.

I can only hope, that you come to a point where you realize the error of your ways, before the lesson is heaped upon you.

Good luck!


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 in response to vesty...   

If I gave my friends, each one wish, how much do you want to bet, they'd wish success for themselves and their friend and that would include lots of money...lots of!

--Liz Phair


Talk to IX

Single MOM & STUDENT.... looking for help to get through school. I am currently taking the legal route in school (my fave) .

Raising three kids on my own and going to school fulltime is overwhelming... to say the least.

WOW didn't see the bills piling up over the last 6 months until recently. Holy cow~! 

I am not lazy by any means, I also work part time to just pay the odds and ends. I didn't factor in the thought of having to help my kids buy there first car, but I did manage to do it by selling there last years school clothes on ebay (THANKS EBAY~!). 

I even "adopted" a single mom and new baby this year (bought formula, diapers, clothes, ect..) because she was worse off than I was at the time. 

I lost my job this past year (Got poisoned at work & they canned me~!). The unemployment helped but I worked my way into a debt from the job loss and decrease in pay. My income decreased from $35K to $5K ...... This is one of the reasons I decided on law school. 

My bills are behind and because my income was decent last year, I do not get the financial aid that most single mothers get. I have to pay every single month. The grants were below minimal (but I am thankful for). They are going on last years taxes (ughhhhhh). They are planning on redoing the loans for "specail circumstances" but  I will not be eligable for the money until 2009.

Where do people go for help???? On a serious side, what options or other avenues can I take to help pay bills while trying to finish school and pay for all the necessities my children need?

I am still currently selling on ebay and craigslist, but I am running out of goodies????? I enroll in free grant scholarship contests on a weekly basis and still nothing.

Any suggestions? My bills are bigger than my house right now.

Talk to Anonymous

Try They help ALOT OF PEOPLE . You may need to make $ 5.00 donation but if it helps you why not? Your $ 5.oo can help someone else. I hope it works for you

Talk to helper777
papa n

I am a father of a two year old. I am 2 months into an 11-month nursing program. I am working 24/ week to help pay bills. It's not enough at all, and the time is looming large where I might have to consider dropping out of school to find a second and, may be, a third job to help pay bills and avoid becoming homeless with my child. Jobs, are not easy to find around here either. I am stressing out than any other time in my life.Financial Aid and Federal loans cover my school fees, but my basic bills! Could somebody help me? I will be more than happy to pay back the money once I complete my nursing program in July, 2009. I need help, I need help. Somebody help me! God bless you with His own hands for your help. Thanks.

Talk to papa n

well I need help to pay my bills also, if you find help let me know I work two jobs and am behind and really would appreciate help if there is someone out there to help, an angel maybe....someday maybe i would be able to pay back once I get out of this mess I am in from helping everyone when I thought I would never get this far in debt.  If someone can help please feel free to contact me.

Thanks much.  I have never received anything from anyone but I really need help now.  I dont know how to get my bills all paid.  I have helped my mom, kids, grandkids, other people, friends, given to charities, and now from doing all this I need help.  Someday when I get ahead I could be there for you maybe.  Help if you can, I just have so many bills and just dont have anyone to turn to.

Thanks and very much grateful.

Talk to mshelpful

I am trying to pay my medical debt for my internal chronic illness.  I always have to go to the doctor and cant afford my bills.  I can't help it that I am ill and a full time student trying to make a career but I have all these medical bills.  the disease that I have is rare and has no cure.  i will have to get a translpant if my kidneys get worse so far they are getting to the point.  i already lost several family members with this.  please help me.

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