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free money to help pay bills

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If everyone gave every person "like you" the benefit of the doubt, the whole world would be full of scammers and liars (more than it already is, which is currently a lot). I do a lot of charity work, donating both time and money to those in need, and I agree with you that metro74's comments were naive and unecessary. But, in his defense, you cannot assume that because that is the stance he takes that he has had everything "handed to him on a silver platter". I tend to agree with some of what he is saying (in a MUCH more civilized manner, of course) and have led a very misfortuned and trying life. But, you know what? I have come out on top by helping myself instead of asking for free handouts (sorry, but that's what they're called when you are not going to pay them back). There has been several studies conducted, research collected, and confessions made that prove that many "beggars" and "homeless" people on the streets are not actually in need at all. Sad, but true. So, how are all of the honest benefactors out there supposed to know the difference? Believe it or not, even though we are giving it away to charities and people in need, we do still care that it does not go to waste (our donations, that is). There is always another way. Get two, three, four jobs. Sell your van (take the bus). Sell your house (get an apartment). Those things are not necessities. It may not convenient or easy, but you will still be providing for your family by changing your own personal lifestyle instead of asking for strangers' free handouts. That is a far more stable way of life in the longrun and will help you to start saving again.

May God bless you and I truly hope you are one of the honest ones out there because there really are so few. I hope and pray it all works out and things start looking up for you. 

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ben moreno

i need help to pay my rent i had to pay it on the 3rd i am unemployed it me and my wife and my lil boy that is six months my rent is $409 can you help me i really need it thank you.

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Ms. Grammar


 This is a free correction to your grammatical errors ; I offer my service as a metaphorical favor to cleanup your ignorant rant....

You all need a life! Get over yourselves.  Get educated; get a jobs and take care of you families.  Stop begging strangers to give you money. I bet that 85% of you spend your money on beer and stupid useless stuff.  So please grow the hell up.  You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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 in response to motro74...   You know motro74's, life isn't handed to all of us on a silver plater!!! A lot of us do have an education, a job, and WE DO TAKE CARE OF OUR FAMILIES!!!!!! I don't think you've ever been in a situation like any of us...You obviously have had everything handed to you or you wouldn't be saying this kind of crap to people that need help!! There's a lot of us, like me for instance, that will get things caught up, get my head above water then something unexpected happens and we start drowning again. I have 4 children (13, 4, 3, 1), I'm attending school full time for my bachlors degree, and my husband is the only one working right now. No matter how much he makes a week we are still under water! I'm about to lose my van, my home, and every other necessity that we have but you know what I TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY, like most of the others on this site. It has nothing to do with growing's people like you that don't give people like us the benefit of the doubt and the help that we need. If you are so well to do maybe you should "get a heart" and help someone that needs the help.
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nichole gettings
 in response to Keep smilin' life gets better...   

i so agree with u on that

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Keep smilin' life gets better
 in response to motro74...   

Dear motro74',

   You are the one that needs to grow up. You obviously have a lot of growing up to do to. Hello, wake up we are in the real world not some fantasy dream land where momy and daddy pay for everything, like you obviously are. I pray to God that you never have to go through anything that any of us are experiencing because you definatly would not survive. Also, I think that you need to go to the nearest church right away and ask for repentence, because your comments are not only rude, but hurtful as well. I am a single mom, and I am enrolled as a FULL-TIME STUDENT!!!!! so may be you need to rethink your philosophy of why we relly need the money. I have a 300 dollar electric bill that I don't have the money to pay, and believe it or not there are people out there that have to choose between paying bills and feeding and clothing thier families, to all of them I say God Bless you all, I know what you are going through. motro74' I will pray for you that God can soften you overly hardened heart. I believe that He can. Words cannot express how angry that your post has made me. You don't know the situation of any of these people and yet YOU have the audacity to judge us, all I want to know is how do you live with yourself being so judgemental, do you have any friends, I certainly would not want to associatte with someone that has an attitude any thing like yours. GET A HEART!!!!!!!!! and GROW UP!!!!!!!!! God bless. Have a great day.

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nichole gettings
 in response to T & C...   

i hope u get work and things work out for u

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nichole gettings
 in response to shearbusiness...   

i comply understand and i am sorry to hear that i hope things get better for u i myself am in a bad situation as of today i have to move out of my home and that leaves me homeless and i am going to have to leave everything i own behind cause i have no money to rent a small uhaul to take with me i have tried to sell my things so at least i would have money to feed my kids but that hasn't happened i sometimes wander if things will ever get better i also have 2 children but my kids cant take care of them selves they r only 1 and 4 so its about to be really bad trying to live out of my car with nothing again i hope everything gets better for u

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T & C

Hello Thank you for pausing to read part of our story. I was terminated on January 1 2008 from a very good job I had had for three years; and to date I am still looking for work! {March 11, 2008}… My name is Thomas and my wife and I need a little help, if you please, to pay some of our utilities, this does no include things such as Cable, Cell-Phones, or Alcohol; only Electricity and Water. If you would make a payment we would give you the pertinent account information to make the payment we ask for no funds directly to ourselves, only pad payable to either company E. or W… if you have any questions or would like to contact us you may email us at where we can start a dialog. Thank you from our Hearts T & C

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 in response to nichole gettings...   

I need help paying my house note in order to keep it, and also pay my utilities, I struggle every month and keep getting farther behind..........  I need help for me and my tow 16 year old boys

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I'm a 22 year old hard working, honest guy. I have a mortgage payment and every other bill/monthly expense that comes with it. I've never been unemployed or missed any work. I beg and plead for more work, and for over-time. All of my life I've worked and worked, from 15 years old, full time through high-school, and every free moment I get is spent working. All I do is work. All there is  -  is bills. I am not behind, but I would like for once to be able to spend atleast one moment relaxing and enjoying life instead of working my life away.  Is there any advice ?

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please someone help me out there. i am currently running a GSM sales outlet  and my business is not receiving a good boost. I just need some capital to build it up.

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nichole gettings
 in response to Mehedi Hasan Zia...   

if u have 5000 dollars then what kind of help could u need

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nichole gettings
 in response to no rest for the weary...   

i pray and hope for things to get better for u and your family god bless

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nichole gettings
hi my name is nichole i have 2 kids i applied for welfare to help with my affairs a month ago still nothing i lost my job i have 3 days to move which leaves me homeless my family in ohio said i could stay with them if i could get there if i could get gas money i have things i have tryed to sell funiture and many other things i have tried to sell them on ebay and several other places and even tryied to have a garage nothing i have even sent the 2 dollars to get the government cd still have not recieved i am running out of food i even tried to get help from american red cross no responce yet i am running out of oppsions i dont know what to do in 3 days my family and i will be sleeping in our car with no food i cry myself to sleep wanting to end my life thinking it will be better for my children i feel like i m such a bad mom i have never been in trouble  but am still looked down on cause i dont have money or a college degree i just dont know what to do any more if anyone could please help me my phone number is 352-307-4930 only for 3 more days and my address is 8984 se 144th st  summerfield fl 34491 for only 3 more days please someone help me
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please some one help me i am a disable person with a small check my husbasd is very sick and cant not work at the time we need help with rent and other bills i have 6 grand children i am raising and welfare tell me my husband make to much money for any help so please i live in sc at 194 beaver creek rd      north    sc   29112  my home phone is 803-247-5497 so please call  or send money or rent to ronald newman   phone  8033192751 or scgand e the account # is 5210075492705   under the name david crosby and thank a millions to any one who can help  thank you donna crosby

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 in response to Strugglingfather...   

As a lot of us, I think that the way you have been taught (about prayer, not wanting for self) is not quite what the bible meant.  What you have been talk is based on one verse and it was taken out of context.

You most certainly can pray for yourself.  Scriptures says 'we have not because we ask not'. 

Read the bible for yourself.  AsK God to give you understanding.  And, I am sure that when you read it from cover to cover, you will understand what I'm talking about. 

I, too, had been taught things from childhood only to find out as an adult that the things that I was taught was taken out of context, based on one verse & the person missed the whole chapter leading up to that verse.  Or, I was taught things that the parent had been taught by relatives & the church only to find out later (by reading scriptures) that they were ALL wrong.

But anyway, know that you can pray for yourself as well as others.

Be blessed,


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  I am a 35 year old father of 3, that I pay child support on. I recently got laid off from my job of 14 years. I do get to draw unemployment but that just pays the child support. After it is paid, I am left with $25 a week to pay rent, utilities, gas (while looking for job and interviews), and truck payment. I have contacted the child support services to discuss my situation with them and they helped me out by taking the child support directly out of my unemployment check. That really didnt help me at all, but to them they said they were doing me a favor. If I get a job somewhere else, I could lose my oppurtunity to have the government pay for my schooling to better myself. Yep, i am stuck between a rock and a hardplace. The bills are piling up right now and everyone is getting aggravated with me telling, I AM UNEMPLOYED AND HAVE NO MONEY TO PAY THE BILLS. For some reason they don't want to hear that and that I can just snap my fingers and make them happy again. My kids are being very patient and understanding when they are with me that we can't do the things like we did before. You know, order pizzas, rent movies, and just hang out. We can only play monopoly and yatzee so much that it really has got boring to all of us. But we still play, so we don't lose our sanity.
  I have read others concerns on here, and still feel that I am blessed with good health and family. I pray for the others that they will somehow, not struggle and find a financial answer to their needs. I believe that somehow we all can be secure in our needs of finance and happiness, but we just have to look in the right places. I look daily for jobs on the internet, career center, and local newspapers, but in this struggling economy there is nothing there. My mom, says the answer is in prayer. But I was always taught not to want for yourself when praying, but for others. It is hard to pray and not ask for yourself to find financial happiness. So i am going to prau over this site, that others will find the needs of finance, health, and insurance needs that themselves and their families will need now, and in the future. May God bless each and everyone of you in your needs.

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Please help i am a mother of 2 children i recently quit my job so i could start school because i dont want to be a server for the rest of my life. My husband a had a steady job and it was enough to cover our bills, so we decided me going to school was a good idea, im studying to be a nurse. The company my husband worked for went out of buisness, he was getting a few hours a week and instead of his boss (owner) telling him that he was about to go out of buisness he just let him think soon there would be more hours, but that was not the situatuion. Know rent is a week late and we are about to be evicted. My husband has been looking for work and he is going to start part time with a company, and continue to look for fulltime work. If anyone could help it would be amazing, we will have nowhere to go.

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Hello, my name is Damien H I am in need of some help with get cought up with my rent and utility bills. I have a 5yr old daughter and wife we make very little money and can hardly afford to put food on the table, I believe in paying forward but the people I have help seem to take advantage of me. now that I am down and out no one will help me I pray every night that someone will come along to help or show me the way. Times are very hard. If there is anyway you can help please email me at .    I will accept any type of donation. I just want to be able to provide for my family. I do work but it doesnt even cover my rent. help please! Stay true to your self

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