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free money to help pay bills

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Lois Baker   in reply to littlelacie
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littlelacie   in reply to Lois Baker
Hi,this is an information site,we can only tell you of places that might be able to help.We do not know of any resources anywhere,that will help anyone get a free car.sorry.
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Lois Baker   in reply to littlelacie
I need another car so that I can take care of my mom she has therapy twice a week and she loves to go to park ever day
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littlelacie   in reply to mr marsh
dial 211,say what you need help with and your city,county,state.they will tell you what resources in your area may be able to help.
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mr marsh
I am a hard working male who moved to California from SD and had a job lined up but when I got here they told me the position was filled. I am trying to get my Real Estate license
but the waiting time is longer than I anticipated and my money I saved up is going fast and finding a job is harder than I thought. I will take the state exam for my license in two
months but the money is a real problem. I need a job asap or money to get me by until I land a job or get my license.
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deej1125   in reply to babyrott
I can pray for you, but that is about all I can do, I pray you find a job and hope for a better tomorrow. They say god does not give us more than we can handle. You know he loves you and is with you, bad things just happen and it is not Gods fault. I pray for him to watch over you and once you are on your feet again get yourself a couple of dogs that are in need of a home. Prayers and blessings for you
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littlelacie   in reply to Alfredo 151
Hi,butterfly 22 has not been on this site since 2005 so you won't hear from her. The only housing resource we know is section 8,you have to go to DHS to apply,we have heard there is a waiting list.
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Alfredo 151
I need help to get my own place with my wife cuz we're living in the basement of my sisters house please we really need our own place
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littlelacie   in reply to gannys
hi, you can get on internet,type in will then see a list pf resources in your area,that may be able to help if they got the funds.
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I am a disabled women whom is looking for help to pay off my that I will not b homeless I really am lost I will b in the street on the 31 of December please someone give me some kind of hope
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tiny one
I am s single mother who needs help to catch up on my rent I also have a 2 mo old baby, trying to go back to work but have no sitter . please need help fast in Inglewood ca
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CEDA has a grant that's helps pay auto repairs
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littlelacie   in reply to limda
Butterfly has not come back on this site for 10 years,so most likely you will not hear from her.we do not know any resources that will help pay for car repairs,sorry.
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I am on S.S.D. ,I have a 200 Buick my car I need too get too doctor appointments ext. I have multiple sclerosis. I would like too be able too take too cape May vocational mechanics school.,who will work on car . It's battery is dying and feat alternator and electrical issues. I have no savings ,able too buy parts with effort. How can I get on list ...
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littlelacie   in reply to destiny71
Hi,butterfly22 has not come back on this site since 2005,so you probably will not be hearing from her. You can type in on internet,needhelppayingbills,then your city,county, will then see a list of resources in your area that may be able to help,if they got the funds
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I livedont in Connecticut n there no financial help for people ln my situaccion. Fisically i cant work but trying to get disability its impossible . People who have drug problems or act like they have mental problems get it with no problem but people that work all their life r unable to get any help . I have spend twenty years of my life in an abusive relationship because i couldnt make it on my own . And now Im so angry at my self for allowing myself to let a man to destroy me. Now that I finally open my eyes n found the straight to comfort him n get him out of my life it was when fisically i couldnt take care of my self. Im a smart women n i want to work im great with people I love working with people . I would love helping abusing women like me overcome what it takes to get out an abusive man. But its hard to help someone else when u cant get out of it ur self. My boyfriend left me because he knew I cant make it financially on my own . I cant keep a job because of my health problems n as a mom I cant allow being in the streets with my daughter. God help me I dont know what to do
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I been trying to get my abusive boyfriend out of my home but he refused while I was working but now that i lost my job n became fisically unable to work he walk out . This is what he was waiting for what better way to destroy me that to leave when i wasn't able to make it on my own. But there a GOD n I hope he pays for all the pain his done to me for twenty years. I work hard to get were i am i got believe im gonna loose it all But i pray to God that I get the financial help I need to keep my home and not give my ex the satisfaction of taking from me everything i work so hard for .

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littlelacie   in reply to destiny71
Hi,butterfly22 has not come back on this site since 2005,so you probably will not be hearing from her. You can type in on internet,needhelppayingbills,then your city,county, will then see a list of resources in your area that may be able to help,if they got the funds.
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Im a single parent with some medical problems and emotional problems that has cause me to become unemployed . But I couldn't allow my self to continue in an abuse relationship I had enough. But now I don't have the income to pay my bills I don't know what im gonna . Im fisically or emotionally able to work currenly im pending on a hearing from unemployeement because I had to quit a part time job because it was affecting my health. My abusive boyfriend left my home because he knew I wasn't financially able to make it on my own. Im glad his out of my life but im afraid that my daughter and me are gonna end up in the streets. I desperate my health is bad but i don't want to loose my home. This week im unable to pay my bills my unemployeement check is gonna be on hold because i quit my part time job because i wasn't fisically able to do the job.
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Im on a lower rate of esa till my appeal comes through im falling behind with my bills please can some one help me
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