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free money to help pay bills

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troy flora   in reply to helen847
with kdp there is no fee if you use createspace there is no fee but if you go premium then you get more commission from future sales and more discount to purchase you own copies to sale that was like $40 which is well worth it after you make 5-10 sales
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missjanie   in reply to suzshy
Really,$20,000, I'm afraid you've came to the wrong place there's nobody here with money to give away like that, as must of us are struggling just to eat daily!!! Good luck
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I am diabetic and nevre damage neck and shoulder injury I would like to recieveth 20, 000 dollars if anyone can help please no scams and I'm not a scammet either. American who would like help and I'm raising my granddaughter.s
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Poppyday13   in reply to postpartummomof 2
I don't know anything about the posting for jobs . Sorry.
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postpartummomof 2   in reply to Poppyday13
Thank you poppy. Are they legitimate work at home jobs? Ive been looking but they all look like scams.
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postpartummomof 2   in reply to woman in a shoe
Yes i did get wic for the baby that helps alot.
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Poppyday13   in reply to postpartummomof 2
CALL 211 Tell them what help you need.
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postpartummomof 2   in reply to woman in a shoe
Im in p.a in luzerne county. Im at a total loss on how to find n e thing. Thank yoi for your help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to postpartummomof 2
Also u can get wic for the baby
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woman in a shoe   in reply to postpartummomof 2
Fist u got a baby go to DHS they will give u food stamps ins cash but u got to take all your bills rent peppers I'd birth on the baby and u. Also till than bills try 211. I will try and see where u can get free baby thing see ever state don't have what MI does but I will check it out what state are u in
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postpartummomof 2   in reply to woman in a shoe
Im having a hard time getting diaper and baby needs for my 5 month old. I had no symptoms of pregnancy so when i was in labor i turned out to be in shock. My job let me go and i have been having a hard time getting any thing i need for the bills and food. Could you possibly be able to steer me ib the right direction?
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Elaine 22 luv Buda
Hello I'm a single parent who take care of two boys currently got laid off an the unemployment system up here is not helpin at all I have to get ready to move in a month nowhere to go no income so giving me a grant would be a blessing for me an my Littles ones
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I have a neighbor that is a single mom. She is trying to get a job and keep it but she only is able to get temp jobs. She was just laid off because her last job was seasonal. She was told by her landlord that she will have to move by the first if she does not pay all that she owes in back rent. She also needs a vehicle to job search and go to and from a job. She has a van but it is going to take $1500 to repair it. She is a very kind woman. She brought food to my children and I when we had none. Our town has no jobs and there is no public transportation. If anyone knows of anything that would help hey, please let me know. She is trying so hard and it hurts so bad to know that she has no help. Thank you.
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Am a Mother making less than 200.00 a week struggling want better for myself moved to SC from NJ for better life its no better am. Licensed Medical Assistant but am currently working as a hotel clerk husband moved us for better life than left for a younger women need help paying my bills child support unable to keep up with him.
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roseebenzer foundation   in reply to woman in a shoe
Please him me am in debts am almost giving up
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woman in a shoe   in reply to chelley76
U got kids go to dhs they will help u with ins food stamps and cash good luck to u
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chelley76   in reply to woman in a shoe
Im à single mother 0f 6 and one on thé ex just decided hé couldnt à big family anymore...i need help some help in buying new clothes for my new born thats due in there anyone could please help us in Any kind of way...its even hard keeping food on thé table
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hi am patricia am a single mother am inschool no job very low income just got apartment thedad is no where around I where homeless 14 month the dad let our home went back but now ijust move into my apartment and a little help with a few bills thanks for what ever u can do
Hello Im in neeed of help my husband is disable and l am out of work and cannot afford to pay my bills at this time.l trust and believe my god will make a way concering me and my household. I m not abegger I just need a hand may god bless whomever read this message sincerly
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ZiyereJ
Do u get anything thing from dhs? If so they will pay your lights and gas for u but its got to be a shut off before they will do it. Also some churchs will help u put they not doing anything till after the jan 1first u. Good luck
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