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free money to help pay bills

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Over 2 years ago I met the love of my life. It all started out all good and all, doesn't it always. :-) But then my husband started hanging out with old high school friends and from there my nightmare began. He got hooked on drugs. To sum it all up, we lost our house and he went to jail. He has been out of jail since January and ever since then has been in counseling and is doing great, but we have to live with his family. We had no where to go. So now we live in a tiny trailor with his brother and sister-in-law and their 2 children. I want us to be able to get out of the rut that we are in but its hard when you are thrown in another bad situation. All my life I wanted to have the perfect life, where you grow up get married and have children. But none of that is going my way. When I 18 I had to start having surgeries because of medical problems, you name it I had it. 5 surgeries later I had to have a hysterectomy. Now I one of my dreams is gone. So now I pray that one day I am able to adopt a child, but right now with us not even being in our home my dreams getting further and further away from. I am hoping that someone will help us, its hard to sit back and realize that the rape you had when you were 19 wasn't the worst thing that happened to you because there are several other things. Any money at all could help me get out on our own so that we can work towards one day having our family.

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hi my name is ieshia and i have two little boys and a hard working husband. my husband is in the army and has already served in iraq. when he came home we were helping his brother with bills and yes we in turn screwed ourselves but we were still able to afford food, well now the bank took his whole check and is using it to pay items that werent even ours. i reported my card missing in june of 06. i can barely feed my two year old and i am breast feeding my three week old but i dont know how healthy that is when i can barely eat. i was trying to get back to california so my family can watch my kids while i work but now we are stuck in tn with nothing.please help

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hi,iam a ugandan aged 19,im really looking for someone to help our family,its a family of 6 children.we dont have a house of our own,we go hungry almost each day,our parents dont work and they are pliz we shall be very greatfull because you will have saved us the trouble.your's rabbi.

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Hi, I am a 16 year old son to a mother who is struggling right now. I live with my father who lives in California. My mother happens to live in Utah back where her family is and I come and visit her every once and a while. I love my mother but the divorce she had with my father 12 years ago still crushes her and is some to blame for her financial struggles today. In the past 3 years she has tried to convince us to move up here with her. I finally now have decided that its best to be with my mother for my last two years of high school because Ill be going on a mission soon for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints. Right now at the moment I don't know what to do. My mom is in a very sad state because she tries so hard to make us happy and tries so hard to make everything right, but now she blames herself and says shes a failure. She now is so upset that she now thinks its best for me to stay down with my "Money Thirsty Dad" and not to move up here with her. I want to live with my mother, and my father hates having pay child support and threatens us. My mom now looks like she can now longer live in the house she just moved into because of financial issues. Can someone please help. I'm a son that loves my mom very much and I'm looking for hope or a new start. Something that would help my mom get by. Anything...I pray every night. Yet nothing seems to work. She was working for University of Utah but is now out and doesn't have a job until schools back in. My E-Mail is out there that feels like making someone very happy please help. I help as much as i can by making transfers to my moms account with my paypal account from the money I make from allowance at my dads. my paypal is if anyone feels like making any donation. Anything you do will never be forgotten in my hear. Thank you for even reading this. God Bless. I'm very sorry to see hw many people struggle. I never thought my mom was because my dads a wealth many, but I'm in desperate need to help my mom. Please help.

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I am a single mom who lost her job after teaching special needs children for 16 years. I started teaching at age 18. I don't get child support nor any help from DOR. I am afraid that I won't be able to pay my mortage over the summer or buy food. I need help!
I don't wont to loose everything I worked so hard for!

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Hi,im a very honest and kind person,who always trys to help others.So now it's my turn to swollow my pride and ask for help.After 25yrs,i found my man that i left in Zimbabwe when i came to oz.I've had two relationships,where i have been abused badly.I have no family here in oz to help me.I have a rear bowel desease so i cant work.I can hardly pay my bills ect....I cant get loans,i've even begged and cryed.After 25yrs,i found my old flame.We now need to marry before June 2007 before his visa runs out.Im up to my eye balls in bills,i have no clue on how to get this money for his visa,at the end of the week i have no money at all.I have two teens who eat like horses,im very ill every day cant even go anywhere! This is my last hope,i've never done this in my life before,but i love this man so deeply and he treats me like gold,never been treated with so much love before.My past relationships have been abusive,now i've found my true love again,i cant let him go.No one here can help us.Is there someone out there who has a good heart,just like mine who could please help us so we can be together.Even if we have to pay the money back for the rest of our lives,we are willing to do so.Please dont let me loose the only man that i truly love.We only have until June or he will have to return to South Africa,the stress is killing me co's i dont know what to do anymore.Please help me.We have a love that is so deep,we're almost like twins.Please help us so that we dont get seperated again!I need $2,000 or $3.000 at the most.I'll do what ever i can to get this visa for my love to be with me.My email address is: Thank you,please open your hearts to us

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Please,please im begging for help!I need $2,000 to get my defacto his visa to stay here with me.I've tryed banks ect.... but to no avail,he cant work on the visa he has at the moment,im on centrelink sickness benfits.I dont know what to do,his visa ends in June.Please can someone tell me what i can do? Thank you

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i am in need of 2 things. i am on a fixed income and am a mother of 2. i need 1000 to buy a car to get back and forth from town i am on ssi for illness, the rest of the 1000 left from the car would pay for a bridge for my mouth i lost my back teeth and cannot chew food properly. my medical card doesnt pay for dental plates. all theese people on this page needs help and i pray for all of them. thenk you for reading my post and if you cant help with money you can help with prayer.God bless. sporadic_tears@yahoo.c om

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Hi all there, I'm an engineer from poor family searching for job past 2 yrs, i had very serious accident last week so for hospital treatment i need $2000 plz help me by donating money. thank u for u r time and consideration

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Hello. I am a single mom of 2 (14 and 12) boys and am homeless. I work part-time for Walmart. I desperately need financial help at this time. I have applied for welfare but I don't qualify for the TANF check. I am temporarily staying with a relative now, but time is running out.

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Greetings, My name is Saleemah. I'm a first grade teacher who have several openings for students who need additional assistance with their homework. I live in piscataway,NJ. If you know someone or yourself is interested. Please e-mail at

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Brenda 3

butterfly or whom it may concern i need help paying my phone bill,i am on social security and i'm late on my bill this month. I've been able to keep it up, except this month when difficulties arose, my email addrss is: if i could get some help, i'll be able to pay it back in payments. Brenda Packard

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i need help please, my home flooded and am in trouble, help me i need 3000.00 DOLLARS PLEASE HELP I WILL DO ANY THING

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Iam sorry my email is i really need help and if you can please I ambegging. I posted a comment earlier as to why I need your help thank you so much Alicia

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Hi my name is Alicia I have two children and i am raising two that are not mine but I consider them mine because I took them in and I love them. My husband teaches school I stay at home. He gets payed once a month. I am really trying hard to raise these chidren and give them a good christian home and we are so behind on bills Medical and utility I just would love someone to help me and I dont know where to turn. Can someone help me? Please I will send you the bill I dont really want the cash I just need help paying my bills and rent fot this month. Thank you and God Bless

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I need help getting the electric turned on.. It's me, my husband and my 16 month old daughter.. We were helping out someone and they left us with an electric bill. We didn't have the money to pay it so they shut it off... We are stuck in a bind and we really need help...

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I have been on my own for a very long time and i do not get any financial help because they still look at my parents income eventhough i do not live with them and they will not help me. I am 19 years old i am trying to pay rent and electric and phone and gas and food and i am barely surviving. I also have health issues and horrible acne and it is affecting my day to day life. I am currently trying to be a great teacher and i can not keep up but love my job and love giving to others but i have nothing left to give. Please help me because i have no where else to turn.

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i Realy need some amoun for paying my bill. any body here who help me

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