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free money to help pay bills

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I am a single mother on SSI disability, and my income is less than $600.00 per month and I am looking for money to start my own business, but with such a low income I can not borrow money. I have been unsuccessful in getting help from the government,and have borrowed from my family for years just to keep the bills paid. If I could start my own business I could get off of disability and provide a better life for my children. If anyone could help please contact me. Thank you

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im a single parent i have a 2and a half year old son and another baby on the way due at the end of 20 i didn't finish highschool i work at wal-wart. im so far behind in debt i have been summoned to court for a medical bill witch is one of many i owe my landlord 1,800 dollars and my gas is getting shut off. i need a home for my kids and gas to keep them warm can someone pkease help.

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Hi ,,I am a mom and grandmother,,I need help to get out of debt,,if you could send me anything please, a dollor whatever you can,,my life has been getting harder and harder since I can not find work ,,and was layed off a job,,I have alot of health problems,please if you can help me send me anything that you can,,send me a e-mail if you can help,,at,,,I have a person who has a paypal account if you would like to give to my debt,,I also need to see my kids who live in Idaho,,I havent seen them in 7 years,,please help me out! May god bless all of you.

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My husband and I have made a lot of mistakes with regard to spending and we have accumulated a lot of debt. We are now working to pay our debt off by sacrificing a few luxuries and budgeting better. We have always been faithful tithers and we have become more generous givers. We believe that are faithfulness in becoming debt free will move God and help us eliminate our debt. We want to be lenders and not borrowers. Anyway, I post this message not lacking faith that God will provide, but making my family available to be blessed by anyone who would like to bless us. God Bless You

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Hi Everyone, I am a 26 year old female who has been BACK on dialysis for the last 8 years now. I've been sick since I was 13, and it has been very rough on me physically and emotionally. I've attempted suicide multiple times but God willing, I survived. I've been on the kidney list (UNOS) for 8 years now with no results unfortunatly. I'm just so tired of dialysis every M-W-F at 6:15am for 3 hours. I'm so young and I haven't been able to experince life to the fullest because of this illness. I feel like I'm alive, but not living. I want to really LIVE! I have dreams of becoming a crime scene analyst one day, and to have a family like a normal woman. My brother finally took the test and he is a match. The only problem is that he is a blue collar worker who has a fiance and 3 kids that he supports by being a machine operator. He tells me that he will donate me this kidney that I desperatly need, but he needs around $3,000 to pay all his bills for the month or so that he would be unable to work. I was so mad at him for a while for even puting a price on my life, because if it was the other way around, I would do it for free in a heartbeat. But recently we had a long talk, and he said that he loves me and would love to donate just like that, but he has responsibilities that he still has to take care of, and if he doesn't work...his family doesn't eat. I've talked to my social worker and he tells me that the state pays medical expenses for him but that's it. And by me being on SSI...there is no way possible for me to come up with that kind of cash. So this goes out to all the good people in this world....."I feel like the living dead....can someone make my dream of just "living" possible? If you would like to send a money order you can send it to: Fox Valley Dialysis C/O Craig Fischer Tanisha S 1300 Waterford Drive Aurora, IL. 60506 ANY AMOUNT HELPS!!!!! Thank you and God Bless Tanisha S.

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Sandra Loosing it

Hello my name is Sandra and I am a self employed loan processor. I am in a state of emergency. I own property in los angeles and one of my tenants has decided he doesnt want to pay for his rent going on two months now. I am alone and take care of my mohter who lives in the Dominican Republic. I heard about this website but could hardly believe it was real. That is until I googled it with just a few words. I am backed up on my mortgage 7thousand dollars going on march. I am willing to deed someone onto my title if I can get the help I soooooo need. I just hung up the phone with the banks and they say its going into forclosure in a few days. I work on commision and have had the worst worst month in my money making life. I am waiting on a check but will not see it for another 2 to 3 weeks. I am an amazing person willing to do anything as of this moment. If there is anything you can do for me that would GOD SENT. I am most appreciative

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Someone please help. We have 2 children and have been in so many situations that we are now living with family with now hope in the near future to have a home of our own please help us with out situation.

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I came from Croatia, I work but i have big money problems, i have credit and many bills to pay. I work hard but still i can't earn money to pay all bills. before I go out, now i don't think about that, my life is changed. Can somebody help me. I hope there is someone who can help me and others who have problems. thank you.

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please help me im only asking for a couple dollars every cent helps im trying to get an apartment for me and my daughter i just moved to another province for a job and the rent is higher here i wouldnt ask but please can u help?

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Help my sister

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My Sister Mrs.Manjula Palanisamy need money for her two months old baby (named Madhumitha)for an open heart surgery. she consulted the Doctor.Suresh Kumar in Madras Medical Mission located in chennai, advised to do the open heart surgery within two months.So kindly help me for my sister's baby operation. with regards Mahendran.N

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i need everyones help!!!! my son danny ray has been in jail sinse 02/24/2006, he was arrested for a double homicide that he did NOT commit! the d.a. and the detectives have stated that they know that he did NOT murder anyone nor did he know that it was gonna happen. he lived with his girlfriend at her moms house, they have a daughter alexaz. the mother of his girlfriend was faking a pregnancy to keep her boyfriend, she told my son that if he did not help her to steal a baby that she would kill her daughter and my sons daughter alexaz. he told her that he would not help her but she persisted with the threats of killing his daughter and girlfriend. the day of the murders, she told danny ray to get ready to go out to do job interviews. he got dressed in dress pants and dress shoes and dress shirt for job hunting. they left the morning of december 2nd 2005, she told him she had to make a couple stops first then they would go looking for jobs. they stopped at an appartment, he was told to stay in the truck she'd be right back. she came back about 5 minutes later and said she had to go one more place. so they went to another apartment and she told him to stay in the truck, she went to the appartment and then a few minutes later came to the truck and told my son that she is getting her baby today... he told her he did not want to do it and she told him that if he did not go in with her that his daughter and girlfriend were as good as dead. he went in with her only out of fear for the safety of his family and they were there about 20 or 30 minutes when she (christina) just went nuts and she murdered the woman that lived at the appartment and also murdered her 3 year old daughter. there is NO evidence, let me repeat, there is "NO" EVIDENCE PER THE POLICE THAT LINKS MY SON TO THE ACTUAL MURDERS. the only thing they have is my sons statement of what happened that fateful day and that he was present at the crime. in tennessee, if you are with a person that is commiting a felony, especially a heanous crime as she committed, murdering that poor 21 year old mother and her beautiful 3 year old daughter, that a person is charged and in most cases convicted as if they committed the crime themselves, even thogh they are innocent of the crime of murder. it basically boils down to money, if i can get donations to pay the attorney fee's that will be around $300,000.00 then they are totally confident that they can save my sons life literally and save him from spending the rest of his life in prison. there are 3 attorneys on this case, jeff cox, james smith and bill bullock. they have been given a 40,000.00 holding fee already and are requiring 300,000.00 more to take this case. even the D.A. says it is winable for danny ray if the money is produced to pay these attorneys. it is an aquittable case for my son, he is now twenty years old, he is requesting to take classes to be a minister and he wants to see his 2 year old daughter grow up with her daddy and mommy. he wants his child to be raised up properly and in church, that will not happen if he is in prison, her mother is not really able to take care of her properly. i want to thank everyone in advance for your help, please, i beg you to help, this is a death penalty case and this thursday is the court date where the prosecuting attorney will file the motion for death on my son, as for christina, the woman that committed the murders and that threatened my sons families life played crazy and pleaded guilty to 2 life sentences consecutively with no chance for parole to avoid being put to death, she is now in prison for the rest of her natural life. my son refuses to make a plea because he did not commit the murders even though he knows they will put him to death if he doesnt plea. he at this time has a court appointed attorney that just yesterday told my son that he hasnt done anything for my sons case because " he didnt want to piss off the D.A." but these new attorney's say that his court appointed attorney's actions are unacceptable when a boys life is on the line, they want this case badly because they know they can win it for him, but it boils down to the almighty dollars. please i beg you please help. you may contact one of these attorneys to make arrangment for your donations, just call 615-300-8309 that is the cell number for atorney james smith. thank you for your time, and money, i will forever be in the debt of all of you for your help. thank you from one DESPERATE mother, kimberly

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I'm asking in faith, I need help to keep a roof over my head, transportation. I am totottallly disabled and can't get help because I have no small children, I've tried everything I know to do but to no avail. Eduction is great only if your health allows you to use it. God bless you all, I'm going to keep praying and not just for me.

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I am 55 yrs. old, disabled. The Bible says ask and I would receive so I'm asking for help. My husband divorced me after 32 yrs. said he could no longer deal with my illness. I believe that when God closes 1 door, He opens another. Everyone needs someone to lean on from time to time. God bless you all.

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Ray Brown in trouble

I was injured on the job as a heavy equipment mechanic, in August 2006. L3-L4 of lower back. Previous injury to L4-L5 will and 2 previous surgeries have left my well depleted for this new injury. Doctors state I am done with this kind of work, after 20+ years, not sure what I will do. Go back to college I am guessing. Workers comp is fighting since I need expensive surgery that WILL be performed on March 6th. I do/did have medical insurance, for which I am grateful. I will be disabled for the rest of my life and unable to return to work for at least 1 year. I will be unable to get around for about 3 weeks after surgery and then 6-8 months physical therapy. I have used up savings and started selling of things I own. Things are about to go bad since I have no income and do not see any thing in the near future. I came across this site looking for some way to get help, not sure what else I can do. Thanks for reading. Financial planning is great idea; just make sure you put away more then 6 months for rainy a day fund. Might I suggest to all who read this, 1 year of wages in savings for this sort of mishap. If you can help or need medical documentation contact me. A little will go a long way, I am somewhat frugal.

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MOM @ 18


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Thank you for reading this. I have taken care of the elderly for years. I had a bad fall, orthoscopic surgery, and one other surgery after that. I have permenant damage to my back and knee. I no longer can lift, vacuum, or other chores that are needed in this profession. I have posted ads for work, but to no avail. It's been 3 months now. I lease my home and cannot afford the rent any longer. I also take care of my mother with Alzheimers. I fell into a situation that I have no control over. I really need financial assistance to help me get through this bad time. If someone can help me out, I will pay you back when I get resituated. A little help can go a long way. Please consider me. I Thank you. Pam

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I am a mother of two wonderful children and I have just been certified as a teacher. I am looking for money to help me pay off the loans that I aquired to fulfill this task. Does anyone have any resources that I can tap into to help me.

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nikki kay

i am so sorry to hear of your situation.i am in the same boat and may not have anywhere to go either.i will keep you in my every prayer and if i run across someone that can help me i will get info for you too... i have found strenght in giving...i know that this seem to defeat my purpose but it works....i am in need but the little bit that i have i make sure that people around me dont have to go without.i have nothing but i have something to give even if its my time.....sorry about your situation.

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I am a mother of 4 kids an behind on mmy rent 1500 dollars and have to go to court tomorrow can someone please help me and my kids if we get evicted we have no where to go please help God will bless you thank so much.

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