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free money to help pay bills

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Hello; MY NAME IS CINDY AND I NEED HELP TO PAY TWO MONTHS RENT MY HUSBAND AND I BOTH LOST OUR JOBS I HAVE FOUND ANOTHER BUT IT WILL TAKE TWO MONTHS TO CATCH UP ON ALL THE BILLS AND BE ABLE TO PAY RENT TOO. I KNOW THIS IS NOT THE BEST WAY TO GET MONEY BUT IT IS MY LAST RESORT I WOULD BE WILLING TO PAY BACK ANYTHING THAT WAS GIVEN. IF YOU BELEAVE THIS IS A SCAM TO GET MONEY YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO SENT THE MONEY TO MY LAND LORD AS I AM SURE HE WOULD BE HAPPY. AS HE TOLD ME TODAY I HAD TO PAY OR MOVE. I LIVE IN TEXAS AND IT TAKES ABOUT A WEEK TO GET SOMEONE OUT. PLEASE HELP. Well it has been over a week and I still have aroof ove head. Is there anyone that can help me it is getting really bad. It seems that once you get down you can't get up with out a helping hand. At this point I fell like I am flat on my back and getting kicked. I know that there are people in more need of help and I wish i could help them. I live in texas and you would think you could get somekind of assistance but beleave it or not every agencey I have called has no money. I have heard that till I am sick. I know there has to be money. Texas is not a poor state or at least I didn't think so. But sence I have been trying to get help i have searched the net and other states really help there people. Not Texas. THANK YOU VERY MUCH my email is

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Hi my name is Jai, I just recently had to quit my job, due to me having my first baby in December. I am behind in all of my bills and in dire need of help to pay up bills until after I have the baby and will be able to find another job.

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I am a 26 year old single mother. My son is 1 years old. His dad is a dead beat dad with 3 kids, which he don't take care of, and he is 28. i am trying hard to manage and make ends meet but times are hard. I get no assistance, no breaks or any help from family and friends. I just want to go to school. Can anybody help me?

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I am currently in the Military and my wife has just got out due to the birth of our daughter and we did not want her to have to go over seas and both of us be away from her. Since she has gotten out she has not found a job and is looking very hard which has hurt us finacialy. We are in desprate need of help with our rent. We are not trying to take the easy way out but we have done all we can, I work about 60 hrs a week and on my one or two days off I try to find side jobs to make ends meet. She has put resume on diffrent websites and has put apllications out to probably 40 diffrent employers. We would so greatful to get help.

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Hi I am a single mon. My husband has been in and out of our marriage for the entire four years we have been married. We have two little girls 3 1/2 and 1 1/2. My husbands hates my son who is 19 and blames him for our marriage failing. He has even gone ahead to tell me to chose between him and my son and that I should put my son out to see life because that is the American way (I am from Jamaica) I told him the Jamaican way is to love your chilren no matter how old they are and to support them until they can support themselves. My son is in college and working part time. My husband no longer lives with us but he does not support us, does not answer or return my calls, I am not able to find a job and all the bills are piling up and I feel like I am suffocating. He has physically abused me and that is why he no longer lives here as my son would not have that happening to me. He started a physical fight with my son and since then and even before then they have never had a good relationship mostly because my son had to be there for me during both pregnancies as my husband was not. Basically, my son gave up his teenage years to help with the girls and in a way I feel I owe him a whole lot and that is why and whether or not my son helped with the pregnancies, I could not throw my son out of my life. My rent is due and I fear eviction as I have no where to go. All the bills and due and I need some help. Can you help me? RJ

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I am 23 years old. I am currently living with my boyfriend . I just lost my job we dont even have any money to buy food. Let alone all the bills. Our electric bill is 200 dollars and it will get getting shut off in a week if i cannot pay it. I am starting to freak out if anyone can help please email me at

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Ultimate Desparity is my current mentality. I am a mother of two, lost my job 4 weeks ago and have been aggressively looking but nothing. My car broke down and will take 1200.00 to repair. I currently have no residence of my own and bounce around between friends. My phone just died so now I have no means of communication. My kids keep telling me I will recover as I have always been the provider. I have always been able to overcome, but even I don't know what to do now. I need help, I need a job...anything! I can barely stand see the disappointment in my childrens' eyes.

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IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!! and SCARED!!! I'm late on my house payments, I got laid off, I'm 5 months pregnant, no insurance, behind on my bills and I'm stressed out. I feel helpless and literally shake from the thought of it. I NEED HELP! I'm embarrassed to ask anyone because instead they gossip behind your back instead of helping. I've asked a few trusted people and no one has money to this point I need a miracle from an angel.

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As much as I need help for my family I Pray for each and every person who feels the same sense of despair and the not knowing how anything will ever get better Always keep going for your children and keep faith that no matter what you will have a tomorrow

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Im a mother of five children and they shut off my water and i'm struggling how to pay this bill of 9,354.00 and every morning i have to take my kids to take a bath in a friend's house winter is coming and it makes it hard to take my kids out in winter cause they get sick alot i'm going to church an praying to god that their is someone out there that can at less help me with this situation GOD BLESS

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Im a mother of five children and they shut off my water and i'm struggling how to pay this bill of 9,354.00 and every morning i have to take my kids to take a bath in a friend's house winter is coming and it makes it hard to take my kids out in winter cause they get sick alot i'm going to church an praying to god that their is someone out there that can at less help me with this situation GOD BLESS

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hi,i'm a 31 year single father of a 3 year old.unemployed at the present time.i am trying to find a job.i have been at home with my son since march.he had to see doctors 2-3 times a week.his mother did drugs while pregnant,he has a sensory intergration dysfunction,and speech delay,dr's think he also might have a tinge of autism.i had a job interview today,don't know if i got the job yet, but want have the gas to get to work until a pay check comes in.also my tires are not good at all they are almost balled,scared i might wreck and kill my son and i.i don't have no family to help,was a foster child growing up,and also a veteran of the son's mother is suppose to pay child support and she's not even doing that right now.hopefully i will get this job,cause i am trying to make the only money i have left $10.00 last.just so i can get back on my address is,name bobby.e-mail thanks for your time and god bless.

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I need help i want to fix my life and go back to school. No matter what I do it gets worse. Like monday night I rolled my car three times. Now no car no job two kids and 1200 dollars worth the bills. If not money help pshyological help might help to.

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I have over 112K in debt (Credit Cards, 2 cars, medical bills from surgery and baby), and I don not have a morg. I had my daughter on Dec 5, and on Dec 23rd I had surgery, I had a tumor removed that they found sharing her space while I was preg. So I have a few bills still from that. But most the money I had saved and earned, I paid to all my Dr bills. It has gotten so hard! I need help. Latley I have been using my cards to my us food, gas, formula for our 10 month old daught, etc..... Now it is so bad that I have an appointment with a lawyer oon Thursday. I do not want to file BK7, but I have no other choice, I am not able to afford all my bills and live too. I want to give my daughter the best life possible, and at this point I can not do that. If I file BK I am never going to be able to uy or live in CA. It is too expenseive and you barily get an appartment with a BK. Can someone help me? I need advise or something. Maybe a suggestion on how to make money quick too. I can not get a loan to consolidate, I have tried, everyone wants to give me 5k, that would not help! PLEASE HELP! If anyone can help me please let me know. Thank you so much

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I am a mother of 2 babies my son 2 years old and my daughter 5 months old. Me and My family are tryin to make it. My BF works from 2am to 5 pm everyday even weekend and we still cant seem to get caught up we are almost 3,000 dollars behind and about to get kicked out of the Apt. We was doing good untill someone broke into ower truck and stoll things and also stoll his wallet with rent money in it. both of ower familys wont help. they never have helped. and we are scared. we dont want to loose everything expecialy ower beautiful babies. We have been trying for 3 years to keep up on everything and we live paycheck to paycheck and we can barley get food. we cant even go anywhere. this apt is to small for 4 people and we are starting to fight and not get along anymore because of bills we are depressed and we really do not want ower family to seperate because of this. I live in Missouri and if you can help please e-mail me a nd thank you

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My Wife and I am having some trouble with outstanding bills and Dr. bills and finding work, I need $20,000.00+ to pay off bills please help and god bless. Address is 3265 State Highway 173 Warrens, Wi. 54666 Again thanks

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I'm a single mother of two and i lost my job about three months ago and my car put us down and we can not get any help from the state i am so far behind in my rent and fear the loss of eviction. And i can't even pay our gas bill. I now in my heart there is some- one who can help me so please please can you help us. Thank you Leigh123

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I am a single mother whose husband left and will send no assistance with bills or children. If there is anyone who can help I would be very thankful. Thank you, Karen

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I am a mom of a 24 yr. old daughter on dialysis. I am separated from my husband who got into crack real bad. I went to go pay my rent and found out he didn't pay it now they want to evict me. I just paid my trailer off and noe the park wants to evict me for $1200. I work 40 hrs per week but my credit sucks so I can't get a loan. He really got me in a bad predicament and I cant get any help from welfare because i make to much money they say but they dont take into consideration my car payment so i can get my daughter to and from dialysis. I just need a bresk before we lose what i have worked so hard for. he will never be back in my life again. Please can someone help me make this messed up life right to my daughter? She really needs this stability right now. My home is 2 minutes from where i work and 5 minutes to dialysis.

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I am a single mom who lost my job for 4 weeks i finnaly got a good job but my bills are so far behind i am having trouble getting ends to meet! i went to the state for help but the wait was so long they cant help me now that i have income. Please help me!

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