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free money to help pay bills

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Hello. I am in need of $3,040.00. I have 3 children and I am behind on my mortgage. I haven't been able to work for the past 5 months due to 2 herniated discs in my neck. I will be having surgery to fix this, but that will keep me out of work for another couple of months. I would be more than willing to work out a payment plan to pay this back just as soon as I return to work. Please help, I have tried every other avenue to try to fix this myself, but so far, no luck. I am desprate at this point. My email address is

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sad eyes

I need 1587.00 to get gas back on, I am in finacial trouble, I am a mom of 3, I have been microwaving water so my kids can wash up, I pray everyday for a miracle please please help me. I just dont know what to do anymore, this is really taken a toll on me, I know that there are angels out there, and i pray God sends me one soon. God Bless you!

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I am a single mom of 2 kids ages 7 and 1 . I have always been able to come up with everything we needed. Never needed help. But it is now time to ask. I am $200 short on rent this month, that might seem like a small amount but it is huge if you are me and your out of ideas on how to make it happen. I need to have it in the bank by midnight on monday Sept. 18th or the check will bounce. If you cant help then please pray for me to come up with the money somehow. I dont have family here in Oregon and I baby-sit 3 kids in order to make the ills because I cant afford day-care myself. So I really dont have any friends. I dont feel it is possible to ask the people who I babysit for either. I am stuck here so if anyone can help please email me @

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hello there i'm a singlr father of 1 and my family had some major damage to there home in bermuda by the latest hurricane i sent them my rent money and all my savings so they can have some money for supplies and now i'm gonna be late on my rent please i need some emergency funds of $1200 so i dont get evicted by mon. the 18th of can be sent through a wire transfer please i need help in email addy is

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this has been a very hard year for my family and me. Our son was born on March 17th this year so my wife was out of work only receiving half pay, when my car quit running and would have cost us too much to fix. Leading us to have to take out a loan for a used one that we really couldn't afford but didn't really have a choice. In April we found out my wifes dad had a brain tumor that they could do anything about. He passed away on July 4th this year. He was the only family that we really had we could go to for help. I just lost my job and have three children. My wife works but doesn't make enough to support all five of us. I've been looking for work but it seems that we are getting too far behind. We recieved a eviction notice and we can't come up with the money right now to pay it. They want us out by monday. We have been to the state aid office for help and they told us that they couldn't help. Although they did set up us an appt. for food stamps on the 21st of September. Salvation army will only help with $500.00. After we come up with the rest. please help!!!!!!!!!!! We only need $2606.00 to stay in our home. Me and my wife thank you and my children love you!!!! If you can help you canget hold of Windham hills @517-796-2303 or248-5939090

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Ryan Henry

Hi , My name is Ryan Jody Henry . I am Deaf Guy from Louisiana , DeQuincy . I am on Soical Security Income , Really Needed Help with pay Rent and Bills . Recently I accident mistaken wrote a Check to grocery and things as I needed for home . The check become NSF that I dont have enough money in Bank acct.... Later on I dont have money to pay back till SSDI . then the bank charge me it went up to 800 dollar . I was so frustrated and at the 3rd of month SSDI direct deposit to bank acct . they took it and paid off . left is 278 dollar owed . I dont have money to pay Rent and Bills . The landlord post the letter on my door today , said I had to pay more charge for late fee $25 dollar then after $5 dollar a each days . I was so frustrated and couldnt pay till get next 3rd of month .. it will make more pay ... couldnt afford . I really needed help . Now I dont have any more soap for clothes to wash and wash dish soap and even foods a little bit left in my ref & dry foods.. I really need help for only once as request to help me... I know God will be here to help me and have to patient to find a way to get help .. I had to keep positive and faith ... If you can help me . please contact me at nbr is 337 786 5176 . Also I am single , living on myself ... I only need is 350 dollar to help with my Rent and Bills .. So Landlord will not kick me out .. and no place to stay . Thanks my address is 210 New Port Plaza , DeQuincy, La 70633 ...

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Please help I really need help paying my rent and bills. I am a breast cancer survivor I had both breast cut off. I am trying to make ends meet I am about to start a new job but I dont have the money to pay my bills for this month I was recently laidoff so its really hard I need about 1500 to pay my reant and bills so if you could help anything will be a blessing. You can contact me at Thank you for your time

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Single mom with 2 sons and i,m not working because of layoff. I need money to help pay light bill. Any help will be appreicated. God Bless!

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Last year my son was sent away and I am now responsible for 1900.00 dollars to pay for his care. Have been making payments but as of Sept.28 I may have to sit in jail for 60 days because of several missed payments.I would be willing to pay back any monies recieved once I get back on my feet. thank-you. 10845 madson rd. woodruff wi 54568 jtm

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Iam a single mom of two girls and need $167.00 by 9/18/2006 for my electric bil.Please help us.My e-mail is Thank you. God Bless,Mary

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Hello, I am a full time foreign college student. I live on my own and I have no family here. I am presently struggling to pay my rent and bills. Unfortunately, because I'm a foreign student I do not have the option to apply for or work at any job. I can only work at the school I attend and as luck would have it, due to departmental budgeting, my working hours have been cut. So now my pay has gone down from $800/month to $300/mth. My rent alone is $550! I still have to pay my phone bill, my traveling expenses (I take a bus and a train to school) and still need money to eat. I am desparately seeking financial assistance. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much for your kind hearted consideration and may God richly bless you. :)

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southern magnolia

i am a christian,single black female, separated from my husband with two young children, 7 & 13. i need help paying current monthly bills which are a month behind. reason being, i just started back working. my exhusband left me in a bad shape. i also need help paying off past debt which keeps me from moving forward. my car needs repairing plus i am in need of home repair as well. we live in a rural town in ms. it's hard and it's really stressful. i take medications and now i don't know how i am going to afford my perscriptions. i am down to my last pill and if i don't take my medication, i get violate ill. this pressure is not easy on my boys either. it's hard not being able to get the things that they need for school, at home or anything else. they see how it is affecting me and they feel bad as well. it there is any help out there, i am in need of it. i pray that the lord will send me a blessing.

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im a single mom of a new baby and im behind on all my bills and get welfare assistance but its only 316 $ per montha nd its not enough to help me and my baby get by please help email if you would like to help

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I'm a 49 year old military veteran. My wife and I wasn't educated too much about real estate. I no it's not excuse, but I received a letter from my 1st mortgage company stating that our interest rates would increase from 7-10% starting 1 October. We also have a 2nd and a 3rd motgage. That would be an increase of $900 a month. I tried to refinance, but was turned down everytime. The reason was the income to debt ratio. I'm will be transfering back to sea duty with a deployment scheduled in April 2007. I'm worried about my wife and daughter during the upcoming months. My wife suffers with anxiety attacks. It's a stressful time for us. I know there are so many people worse off than us. Please we would like to borrow $8000.00 to offset the increase of the mortgage for 6-8 months. I know I need to pray more to Jesus. Because I can't do this alone. Thank you and God Bless.

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dose anyone care.I am ericka coleman a mother of three beautiful girls and we are staying in a very cheap apt but i can't even afford this place, I have tried to get help from here but no help we need lights water and food somedays i don't even eat i want something better for us i can't finish school i just need help someone please help me or even a prayer will help i give my word that who ever help i'll pay back within oneyear after i finish school i only have 4mths to go

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Please Help Us

I am a 49 years old and husband to a sick wife. I lost my job 10 weeks ago and after 50+ resumes, visits to EDD and every effort to find work, I am clueless as to where else to turn. My wife is very sick I can't afford to even buy her medication. I hate to ask anyone for financial help because I have always been so independent. In less than a week I stand to loose everything I have worked for, which isn't much, The bills are stacking up and there is nothing left to cover them. I am scared out of my wits right now and have no where else to turn. I am desperate. Is there anyone that can help! Please! Where can I go or who can I turn too? I can't handle this much longer.

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My Name is Rich I am currently flat broke and need money to pay the IRS and $10,000.00 to pay by tomorrow sep 9,2006 money I had to take from a IRA account to survive. If the money isnt back to them tomorrow I will be pentilized $6,700.00 which I dont even have. I am a divorced Dad and I have some equity in my home, my credit is bad, and I have never taken out bankruptcy. I am in serious finacial trouble and have no family or freinds to help me. I pray every day but things keep getting worse and worse. I thought I would post my story as it is all I can do because I have searched the Internet for answers and I believe ther is no hope for me. Thanks,

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single mom needs help

I am a single mom. who needs a car or money to fix my car. and money to move. Can you help ? Thank you

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