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free money to help pay bills

butterfly22 started this conversation

I am a single mother of two I need money to help catch up my bills and to rent an apartment for my children and me I am currently unemployed

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littlelacie   in reply to Char ear
dial 211, say what you need help with and your location.they will tell you what resources in your area may be able to help.
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Me and my wife needs help we are staying at a motle we are homelses. And my wife is 7weeks preg plz help us out
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Char ear
I need free money to pay my bill I can't get a job
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SisterServant   in reply to vinnchantos
Yes, God works in our lives in ways we do not understand right away. I find that it is best to always be in communication with God (good times and bad). You could ask God to help you manage your stress as well. He will surprise you.
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vinnchantos   in reply to SisterServant
I pray every day and I know god works in my life in ways that I don't always see right away, and I don't just pray when I want something I can just be really impatient I just need help with managing my stress, I know everything will be ok in my life as long as try to live everyday life like Jesus would
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SisterServant   in reply to alone1983
Dear alone,

I'm sorry that you feel this way. There are many persons who have come to this website who will tell you just the opposite. God has answered their prayers. I tell you what I have learned in my lifetime. Prayer does everything.

First, what kind of prayers are you saying?

Secondly, do you offer any daily thanks for anything that is right in your life? Or do you just ask.

Third. God answers in God's own time and in God's own way.

When did you start praying? Do you pray in the quiet so that you can hear God's answer back?

If you do not believe that God will answer your prayers, He can tell. What kind of attitude do you have when you pray? Are you angry with God? Do you let God know that you trust Him even though things look very bad?

Write to me on the one to one if you want to.
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alone1983   in reply to SisterServant
I've been praying everyday for help in my life being a single mother of 3 on the verge of losing everything including my kids and NOTHING has happened...not I'm sorry sister but prayer does nothing
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SisterServant   in reply to Hopeless and praying
Dear hopeless and praying,

Yes, I will pray for you and your family. No matter how bleak things seem to be, you must keep the faith. For belief in God's love when there appears to be no way is what will get you through. I know because over the course of my life I have learned this. God has an appointed time to help you. And more than likely, His Help will come in a way and at a time that you least expect it. Just keep thanking Him every day for large and small things. Thank him for the sunshine and the rain. He will not let you down. God will show you a brighter day.
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Migalooch   in reply to Hopeless and praying
You're exactly right!!!) Stay strong, God Bless you and yours...
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shayluv41   in reply to Hopeless and praying
Thanks and praying have helped me god have answered my prayers...
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Hopeless and praying   in reply to SisterServant
Hi SisterServant this is Hopeless and Praying please pray for me and my family i just need to see a brighter day. Im still feeling like im alone in this, but as i read other posts i know im not alone. I just say a prayer for everybody , I know we all need to look out for each other. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for being here and giving us hope. You are a God sent.
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Hopeless and praying   in reply to shayluv41
Hi Shay im praying for help to. That is all you can do these days causr times are hard so just keep praying and talking to God he will answer our prayers soon.
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littlelacie   in reply to litbeav
dial 211 say what you need help with and your location. they will tell you what help is available in your area. But no resource will help pay credit card bills.
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litbeav   in reply to littlelacie
Hello my husband n I need help trying to pay off our bills.. mainly credit. Cards. We used them n tryed to keep up with them but they got up over our heads. We have r children, 3. Odyssey n 1 girl. Ages are 9,8,3&2. Our three boys are austic not sure about our daughter yet. I have alot of health issues so my husband helps me alot with the kids.
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littlelacie   in reply to breda
Hi, can you tell us what bill it is that you need help paying so we can check and see if we can find resources that might help you. I'm sorry, we do not know any resources that will help pay for home repairs.
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INeedHelpPlease2012   in reply to breda
I will pray for you...
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breda   in reply to INeedHelpPlease2012
I need help in paying my bill I'm 64 year old please pray for me my house need work on
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SisterServant   in reply to lisa5472
I will certainly pray for you Lisa and here is a prayer that you can also say.

Father God,
Thank you for this day and for all of your love. My children and I need your help. You know all of the circumstances. I trust you to make a way where there seems to be no way. Please Father God, I am thanking you in advance for making a way for me and my kids to have a decent home. I am claiming all the love, goodness and prosperity that you have for me, according to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Name I give you praise, honor and glory and thanks for what you will do. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. Amen.

Copy this prayer on a piece of paper and say it everyday at least once, more if you can. God is listening and He will answer if you trust Him. God is God of love and He will suprise you.

Also, woman in shoe posted a story today about her experience with God and how he found her a place. You might want to read it.
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lisa5472   in reply to SisterServant
i need you to pray for me to not be homelesd with my kids please.
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SisterServant   in reply to woman in a shoe
I understand.
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