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free money to help pay bills

butterfly22 started this conversation

I am a single mother of two I need money to help catch up my bills and to rent an apartment for my children and me I am currently unemployed

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JC Hawaii
Navy Vet needs help to keep up bills, currently going thru bad financial divorce and trying to weather this storm. I am working full time and part time but recent events have taken all extra money made PLEASE HELP....will be greatly appreciated.
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Makila   in reply to soulight
Hello I need help please pray for my niece and nephew read my post and help me find a way god bless you thanks
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littlelacie   in reply to Cry128753
on internet type in needhelppayingbills,city,county, will then see a list of resources in your area that might be able to help.
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ashley 87   in reply to Cry128753
Where u located
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Hi my name is crystal . IAm single mother of 5 boys that I love.. Iam on here because I need help pay my light.. I got a disconnect notice any kind of help would help me out its thought that counts.. I need About $300 to keep on..If you are willing to help I can give you the account number to my light .i would really appectite it...I post picture of my bill so ya can see I really need help... I went and call so many places but they turn me down or they didn't have any appointment .....If you read this thank you for your time reading this ..God bless you..
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littlelacie   in reply to wfn14
Hi,try this: type in needhelppayingbills,city,county,state. you will then see a list of places that might be able to help. I know,we have been hearing some places are out of funds. Sorry.
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shayluv41   in reply to blessing 123
Thanks blessing 123 yes I've tried 211 and other resources but no luck at all,but I'm still trying!
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wfn14   in reply to littlelacie
that is no good I already tried that all they say is that they cant help you at this time
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blessing 123   in reply to shayluv41
May GOD send some one to help you have you tryed to go to your local public assistance office and ask for a one shot deal may GOD bless you
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Hi,to whom it may concern my lights got turned off yesterday...why because I didn't have enough and haven't been working that many hours...Please keep me in prayer so many things is going wrong in my life right now I feel I'm going to lose my mind...If there's anyone out there to help me I'll truly appreciate it...Im still praying and waiting on the lord...amen
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SisterServant   in reply to Ricky Boy
Most people who come to this website are seeking money for food, rent, clothes and utilities. I doubt seriously if you will receive $25,000 from anyone person. Be ware of scammers.

If you believe in God, you might take a look at some of the prayers that I have written for others. God will help to meet your needs if you trust him.
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littlelacie   in reply to Ricky Boy
Hi, am so glad to hear you are staying with your mother and taking care of her. You can dial 211, give city,county,state,say what you need help with. They will tell you what resources are available that might be able to help.
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Ricky Boy
Hi I M Mr. Ray I Am On A Fix Income, And Stay With My 86 Year Old Mother Both Of Us Is On A Fix Income, And Need Extra Help To Pay Our Bills. We Need About $25,000 To Pay All The Bills.
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littlelacie   in reply to Mama D 13 Kids
To find help for some of those bills, go to internet,type in needhelppayingbills,city,county,state. You will then see a list of resources in your area that may be able to help.
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Mama D 13 Kids
I am a single woman in my early 50s. I recently left a job and after 5 1/2 months have finally landed another job. I will be making $9000.00 less a year, but at least I will have a job. I am behind on October 2014 rent and do not have any money left for November 2014 rent. My utility bills are all now past due. I need at least $4000.00 to get caught up on everything so I can begin to recover. I have utilized every cent of my 401K and now am subject to be evicted at end of November 2014. Will everyone please send up prayers for me. I don't have any family or friends who are able to help right now. My car insurance will lapse on October 10, 2014. I don't have the $250.00 for it and I need to keep it to drive the 30 miles to work and the 30 miles back home. Dear Heavenly Father God and Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, please send me a financial miracle right away. I am truly destitute! I thank you for all the lessons and blessings you've given thus far and am ready, willing and believing in the ones you are about to provide. I pray believing and trusting in your name Lord, Jesus Christ. AMEN!
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littlelacie   in reply to kershunta
the person you posted to has not been on here for 7 years.
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My name Kerra Hawkins my foot got caught in a machine twice in one day they got away in not paying. I need help ...
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littlelacie   in reply to devtivhr
on internet type needhelppaying bills,city,county, will then see a list of places that might be able to help.
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devtivhr   in reply to Brittbubble
We are disabled senior citizens. We have fallen behind on our bills and need help to get caught up. I care for my husband
who has dementia. That is enough stress without trying to figure out how to get the bills paid. I I could just get caught up I think we would be ok. Can anybody help us?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Brittbubble
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2005. All we can do on here is hive u information where u mite get help. There is places that pay first mo rent and deposits for u if they got the funds. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will fine a lot of information for help there if they got the funds. But what I have been hereing on here if u don't have good credit no one will rent to u.
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